Was Jagmeet Singh Appointed NDP Party Leader By The World Economic Forum?

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Each year, the World Economic Forum hosts its annual meeting at a Swiss ski resort called Davos. Due to the pandemic, the 2021 event was held virtually. The main agenda was a “stakeholder capitalism” panel, which included Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland.

According to a National Post article, “the former-journalist-turned-politician has been a fixture at the WEF for years. Rubbing shoulders with the world’s rich and powerful was one of the inspirations for her 2012 book, Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else.”

As the second most powerful Canadian next to PM Justin Trudeau, one is hard-pressed to find a more appropriate book title. The Liberal government of Canada are well acquainted with “the fall of everyone else.”

The recent Truckers Convoy to Ottawa informs us of who everyone else is. At a high level, this includes all Canadians who diverge from Liberal Party ideology. More specifically, it applies to working class Canadians who formed the bulk of the protesters in Ottawa.

While the Freedom Convoy has driven off into the sunset, its repercussions ring loud and clear. One result comes from exposure of a connection between the Trudeau government and the World Economic Forum.

“What we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Yesterday I was at a reception for Trudeau and I know that half of his cabinet, or even more than half, are Young Global Leaders.”

—  Klaus Schwab, founder and CEO, World Economic Forum.

With the Truckers Protest serving as the catalyst, Chrystia Freeland has been outed as a member of the WEF. So too has another Canadian politician– NDP Party leader Jagmeet Singh. Within this dynamic, a salient theory begins to take shape.

Cultural Action Party has wondered about the rise of Jagmeet Singh since it was announced he would run for MP in Burnaby, B.C. One of Greater Vancouver’s most ethnic constituencies, within two months of moving to B.C from Ontario, Singh had won his seat.

Mr. Singh first entered politics when elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in 2011, representing Bramalea—Gore—Malton.  In 2015, he became deputy leader of the Ontario New Democratic Party. Singh announced his candidacy for federal New Democratic Party leader following a leadership review to replace Thomas Mulcair. Singh was elected leader on October 1, 2017, with a first round vote of 53.8% in a field of four.

In the 2019 federal election, the NDP under Singh won 24 seats, dropping from third party to fourth party status. In 2021, the NDP under Singh won 25 seats, a seat reduction from 45 seats under Mr. Mulcair.

Despite the decline, Jagmeet Singh remained a “golden boy” of establishment media. According to CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star, the man can do no wrong– despite the fact that he has done wrong by leading his party on a downward trajectory. Not a speck of criticism toward Singh has emanated from mainstream media regarding this nor any other facet of his leadership.

Jagmeet Singh was parachuted into a riding 4000 km from his home of Brampton, Ontario. With no history or connection to Burnaby B.C., he won his MP seat without so much as breaking a sweat.

In 2013, Singh was denied a visa to India for raising the issue of the 1984 Sikh massacre. He became the first Western legislator ever to be denied entry to India.

Jagmeet Singh on Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro:

“He saw a country wracked by poverty, illiteracy & disease. So he lead a revolution that uplifted the lives of millions. RIP.”

We pause for analysis: in terms of representation in Parliament, Singh has led his party straight downhill. The man is restricted by the government of India from entering the birth-nation of his parents. He is a card-carrying supporter of Fidel Castro and communism in Cuba. And legacy media in Canada have not one word of criticism for Jagmeet Singh.

Why not? What is the purpose of the cone of protectionism surrounding him? We turn to his WEF connection. Can it be that Singh was planted as NDP leader based on his affiliation with Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum?

Observant followers have picked up on the affinities between Jagmeet Singh, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Both are WEF-disciples. Could it be that Singh became NDP leader to serve as a back-up for PM Trudeau? Is it not true that Singh has on more than one occasion rescued Trudeau from being toppled as prime minister?

Is the goal as manipulated by the WEF to maintain Liberal government rule over Canada in perpetuity? Taking a step forward, we offer an hypothesis:

Justin Trudeau has been set-up to be a pseudo-dictator. When the Liberals hold a majority government, the agenda is good-to-go. If and when the Liberals transition to a minority government– which they have in the past two federal elections– Jagmeet Singh and the NDP are there to preserve a covert Liberal dictatorship.

Jagmeet Singh– Canada’s untouchable federal party leader. Here, we come to understand how and why it occurred.

9 thoughts on “Was Jagmeet Singh Appointed NDP Party Leader By The World Economic Forum?”

  1. You can’t just openly critize someone with his “credentials”, that is to say, you wouldn’t want to be labeled a you-know-what… there are laws to prevent such acts of hostility lol

  2. Hit it on the nail again Brad, great article, I do believe that we have a cookie crumbling, it may not crumble it just might explode. I myself have been writing letters to every MP and Senator, sometimes two a day.

    One of my questions to every single one of them was: What about Trudeau and Freeland pledging an alliance to WEF a corporation while they take an oath to Canadians. How many of the politicians are pledging support to a foreign corporation?

    Finally we had an MP on zoom ask the question while the house speaker visibility was freaking out, then cut him off with bad audio. It is out there, Jason Kenney in Alberta just spoke out in an interview.

    I will keep up my letters, I will send info videos, whatever it takes to wake Canada up. Keep up the great articles, Brad.

  3. Senators debate on the use of the Emegency Act, Session, February 23, 2022

    at 35:32 – Senator Patterson was quite clearly talked over by the Speaker cutting him off – then the claim by the Speaker of “technical difficulties” 36:35 — Patterson was obviously not present in the chamber but was one of the Senators participating in the debate via electronic means, which, quite frankly, is wide open to all kinds of “technical difficulties.” So much for the ‘wisdom’ of government in allowing electronic participation in ‘chamber- sittings’ called “hybrid” sittings. That arrangement is almost as god as Trudeau’s claim to have tested positive and quarantined after he went into secret ‘hiding’ when the convoy arrived in Ottawa.

    And interestingly on screen there were still bits of captions apparently of Patterson – containing the transcribed ‘words’ “flu trucks clan” 37:07 “I’m told the host muted” appeared on screen. 37:30 A bit later, again the transcribed words “or member of the flutruxklan you either support prosecution or value freedom. These are” 37:37 This mess up of Patterson’s participation in the debate lead me to conclude that the host muted or the Speaker silenced the Senator due to his wording leaving the reader of this to figure out for self wahat “flu trucks clan” and “flutruxklan” would be in a real transcript in the typical Trudeau narrative of “terrorists” assigned to the peaceful protesters – maybe Trudeau foresaw a Senator’s ‘transcript’ ??? Or maybe the Senator previously heard Trudeau’s insults peaceful protesters using the words “flu trucks clan” and flutruxklan” – who knows?

    At this point, deterred by the mess in the Senators debate of February 23, 2022, I resigned from listening to the debate in disgust.

  4. We are f*cked. Freeland Jagmeet and Trudeau. Which is lesser of our evils? Which one is less greedy? Which one is more ignorant than the other? Which one is not a traitor?

  5. Good article. I think this should be obvious that these 2 WEF puppets work together as the WEF infiltrates all sides if they can. They will always get the votes they need to push this dystopian Great Reset Agenda2030 plan.
    Now they are reading the UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME which is all part of the WEF Plan.

    Trudeau even brags that he bought off our media with our tax payer dollars. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?

    NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh WEF Agent of the month


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