Was Apotex Owner Barry Sherman Murdered For Interfering In Big Pharma Profits?

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Discoveries in the death of pharmaceutical billionaire Barry Sherman weave a tale of intrigue unprecedented in modern Canadian history.

Apotex IncCanada’s largest pharmaceutical company, was founded by Mr. Sherman in 1974. The sole manufacturer of hydroxychloroquine in the country, Sherman’s company offered to donate two million dosages of the medication to the Trudeau government as a potential remedy for the Covid pandemic.

According to a 2020 report from Nature.com, hydroxychloroquine is effective in inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 infection in vitro.”

If Apotex hydroxychloroquine was confirmed as a cost-effective antidote to the Covid virus, would it not serve to undermine Big Pharma vaccine campaigns, and therefore profits?

The Covid phenomenon is older than most would suspect. As far back as 2005, a study from Virology Journal  reported that hydroxychloroquine was a “potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.”

The etiology tells us that Covid is connected to SARS, its breakout first reported in Guangdong, China in 2002. The disease rapidly spread to at least 30 countries, and worldwide efforts led to its identification as the etiological agent for SARS coronavirus.

According to Journal of Critical Care, there is “rationale, pre-clinical evidence of effectiveness for safety from long-time clinical use for other indications to justify clinical research on Chloroquine in patients with Covid-19.

Can a motive for the deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman be found in these circumstances? Turns out that Covid is in no way a “post-modern” development. The existence of the virus has been known since at least 2005.

Meaning that billions in research and development were likely invested by Pfizer and other Big Pharma players. Could the industry’s awareness of Barry Sherman’s cost-effective solution serve as a motive to “deal with” the Canadian billionaire?

For how long has the healthcare industry in Canada known of the existence of Covid? Motivated by the SARS outbreak in China in the year 2003, Dr. Theresa Tam was appointed chief of Health Canada’s immunization and infections division. The possibility of Tam, migrant from Hong Kong, not comprehending the SARS-Covid connection is nil.

Why was it that neither this medical expert, health authorities or media divulged the fact that Covid-19 dates back over sixteen years? The common perception is that the Covid virus first emerged less than four years ago.

Mystery abounds in the curious case of Covid-19. Particularly in light of the fact that Barry Sherman was a major fundraiser for Justin Trudeau’s bid to become prime minister of Canada.

At the time of the deaths of the Shermans  on December 15th, 2017, the Apotex founder was being investigated by the Canadian Federal Government Lobbying Commission. If convicted, Sherman would face a five-year ban on lobbying the federal government.

Their investigation focused on Liberal Party fundraisers hosted by the Shermans at their Toronto home in August, 2015. The guest of honour was Justin Trudeau, who at the time was running for prime minister. Sherman and his wife hosted between 100 and 150 people, each paying $1,500 dollars to attend the event with Mr. Trudeau two months before his election victory.

The circumstances suggest a connection between the deaths of the Shermans, and the ruling Liberal government of Canada. It is arguable that an association between Justin Trudeau and  Barry Sherman  would have impeded the candidate’s potential to become prime minister.

“In light of Dr. Sherman’s passing, the purpose of the investigation to ensure his compliance with the (lobbying) code can no longer be fulfilled,” the Lobbying Commissioner stated in a letter dated January 24, 2016.

“The newly-appointed federal lobbying watchdog won’t look any further into a complaint about a private fundraiser the late Barry Sherman hosted for Justin Trudeau.”

To this day, not one solid lead or suspect has been identified by Canadian authorities. Media report that hundreds of law enforcement agents have dedicated thousands of hours to the investigation. The deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman stand as the greatest murder mystery in modern Canadian history.

Someone knows the truth. Was Barry Sherman murdered for interfering in potential for billions of dollars in Big Pharma profits resulting from the Covid pandemic?

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  1. you’re on to a VERY big story.
    yet ‘the voice of the social conservative movement in Canada’ makes itself ridiculous by referring to the Tam man as “her”. His adams apple gives him away every time

    if you’re going to fall in line with the fool – politically-correct usage to do with a guy who is deranged with A-pot-em-no-phelia then, the Cultural Action Party dis-qualifies itself, right out of the gate

    • I believe it’s bigger than that, he was a bout to throw a spammer in the works for their great reset.. one world I govt. also their experimentation on mankind. Towards trans humanism. Whilst accomplishing their goal of depopulation.. 😒

      • You are spot on. Not many people see the bigger picture.

        If this drug and Ivermectin are viable treatments and even give efficacy to C19, the state of emergency can’t exist.

        Then JT Hitler in Ottawa loses his special powers. A lot at stake here for the big reset and the New World Order.

        This cheap little pill can make it all crumple for them.

        • Justin would have his minions eliminate a couple for huge profits of course he would and catching him lie is very simple.Just watch when his lips are moving and you know he is lying.

          • JT I will say after watching his reel with his mother after his brother’s death had something to do with it He got the girl didn’t he?and married her 🤷🏼‍♀️just sayin’

        • The demise of the deep state and the criminal syndicate has already begun! They will cease to exist for Good is winning over evil! God is in control! Pray for our world! Trump will win!🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️✝️✝️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Western Canadians were singled out recently for some of us saying Trudeau should have a bullet put in him during his most recent Western Tour while he was away from Ottawa and vulnerable.

      Let me say this about him and his CCP attack dog, Teresa Tam. These people (among others) have participated in policies that have cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Canadians. These policies were developed by the Rockefeller Foundation, CCP, Bill Gates, WHO, NIH, Anthony Fauci, the British Crown and The Vatican, among others. Those who executed those policies are the politicians, public health and front line workers. Yes front line workers. They knowingly, administered poisonous vaccines that injured or egregiously cost the lives of many.

      These people have committed crimes for which there can be no excuse. I and my fellow citizens have a right to life. It’s called birthright. This Western Canadian would lay down his life in a minute in exchange for the execution of those who perpetrated these crimes.

      We in Western Canada are more vocal, passionate and realist than Ontario and Eastern Canada puppets who begged to have Ottawa and their provincial authorities engage in posterior coitus with them. The further removed from Ottawa we are, the more Ottawa does not work.

      Take a good look in the mirror Canada.

      • My Sentiments Laid Out Perfectly Richard I Stand Beside You In Peace & At War Which Is More & More What This Is!

      • Come to your senses moron. Enough of your whinny “crimes have been committed” rhetoric. This “everyone is lying”, “everyone is bought” idiocy is mathematically impossible. Sure things can be shady, sure mistakes are made but enough of conspiracy crap.

        • Wow. You’re a blind fool.

          Canada, Australia, France, Austria, New Zealand, Bolivia.

          Every country with political unrest are those same countries whose governments are most infiltrated by Klaus Schwab’s ‘Young Global Leaders’.

          We’ve all been duped. Now Trudeau has invoked the Emergencies Act, giving him the ability to financially destroy anyone that opposes him. Even with a minority government. Why is this? Because his fellow ‘Young Global Leader’, Jagmeet Singh, is in league with Trudeau. Effectively making it a majority.

          Trudeau and his minion, Chrystia Freeland (also a Young Global Leader) sold us out to the elites vision for our world…The Great Reset.

        • All conspiracies are starting to become reality. If you research, you will find video of each and everyone he mentioned above talking about their intentions.

          Also, I have enough people I know who have heart issues and other medical related problems after taking the vaccine. Hopefully they can get through it. We can’t convince everyone, but we have the right to inform people exactly what is going on.

          • Heard a number of people have used mild dose ivermectin for few or some days to contract vaxes they were forced to take…

        • Funny how conspiracy crap one day becomes headlines of the reality the next. Check your recent history, don’t be so naive and wake up. No one is looking out for you and your family! So if you aren’t thinking critically, you are at very high risk of just being another ignorant victim.

        • How many conspiracy theories have turned out to not only be true, but not nearly as evil as was previously thought? Conspiracy theory is just another word for “spoiler alert”.

      • I believe you are so right! I also would lay down my life in exchange to see the same outcome! These people need beyond prison!

      • This Ontario girl has had eyes wide opened the whole time. There are intelligent people in all provinces across Canada, just as there are puppets in all.

      • Thank you for saying exactly what needed to be said regarding Trudeau here in your post!

        I’m relieved to know that so many of my western counterparts are on the same page as I am and YES I notice how the Canadians in Ontario (my family for one example) and Eastern Canada still follow the narrative or just will not speak up in the face of evil. Is it cowardice, apathy, stupidity?

        As for the “plant” from Hong Kong, Tommy (Teresa) Tam, who in their right minds are fooled by that charade? Every time I see it’s ghastly, disembodied countenance floating onscreen to deliver another untruthful medical proclamation to the masses it reminds me of the similar disembodied voice of the creepy HAL 9000 voice in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

        We all need to resist this evil.

  2. I have believed this was true from the start it also sent a messege to scientists or anyone else who opposed it in that community Shermans were good people and wanted to really help humanity as opposed to the other dickheads !!

  3. For what it’s worth: “Justin Trudeau, who actually failed to disclose to any Canadian that the Canadian government gets a kickback for every one of the Pfizer and Moderna shots, because Acuitas and Arbutus pharmaceuticals, both out of British Columbia are the ones that invented the lipid nanoparticle that is licensed to inject the pathogen into everybody.
    “Canada wins every time there’s a shot. Which may explain why Justin Trudeau ordered 10 times more vaccine than there are Canadians – including the moose. Why would we need ten times more doses than the sum total of all of Canada, plus the moose?
    “Well, it turns out, that’s racketeering, because, if I’m getting a kickback for every dollar I spend, guess what I get to do? I get to pocket a whole lot of money from all over the world, which is exactly what happened…” Source: https://www.oom2.com/t77561-mind-blowing-dr-david-martin-exposes-the-the-great-reset-and-covid19-vaccines-agenda

    Not sure if this explains the deaths of the Sherman couple. Had he lived; his–and every other person’s (proven) hydroxychloroquine Corona treatment products are still maliciously banned. Maybe the government/Big Pharma colluded ban was not in the works at the time. (Although that seems unlikely.) Further to their “unsolved” murders; Trudeau has the “Always get their man” RCMP in his back pocket. The WHO/Pharma have him in their back pocket. Just sayin’.

  4. Yes agreed that Trudeau is getting rich off of this planedmic. Yes he brokered the deal with Acuitis Therapeutics. He is running government from his home and refusing to go to parliament where they are waiting for answers that he is not willing to reveal.

    The Acuitis BioNTech (Pfizer) Moderna deal was made in 2017, the same year that the Sherman’s were killed. 2017 was a big year for the rush on updating and and rewording patent applications by these players as well. There are no coincidences.

    Dr. David Martin does expose the players and anyone who is interested in keeping the freedom they enjoyed yesterday tomorrow better watch the video links you posted to get informed and get to action.

  5. While the hydroxychloroquin angle has always seemed to be the reason for their deaths, the really interesting part to me was the speed that the police declared it murder/suicide when it was so obviously murder.

    If the family didn’t fight back, that would have stood. Apparently the police are as crooked as the RCMP.

    Now that is scary.

  6. To quote “no man is an island” is what our boy in Ottawa should adhere to. He and his accomplices are in crosshairs of many Patriots above & below 49th parallel.
    Many have been exposed and all will never enjoy their crimes against humanity.

  7. It may be added that 800 years ago SouthAmerican indians were already using the original quinine.
    HCQ itself has been used worldwide by millions over several decades with no side effects and even sold over the counter, but after 50 years it offers no financial gain to Big Pharma.

  8. All hands on deck!

    We have great news! RCMP have received so many citizen complaints about Trudeau’s hate speech, that they have set up a specific office dedicated to this investigation. A criminal investigation of Trudeau for hate speech is active, and the RCMP are politely taking our calls.

    Call the RCMP at 613-993-6884

    This phone number is dedicated to the current Justin Trudeau hate crime investigation. Add your voice to fellow Canadians who are rightfully complaining about Trudeau’s most recent crimes: hate speech. When calling, we found the RCMP very polite, receptive, and responsible. The law applies to everyone.

    Let’s keep our thoughts focussed on the good that we want to see happening in our society.

  9. Not a single word about these gruesome murders in any European newspaper.Only futile ¨news¨here in Holland. Were have the old fashioned journalists gone.Only a meteor that can save us.There´s no jab for a meteor.According to the experts.

  10. Here is my take on the whole enchilada –
    COVID-19 was developed level 4 Wuhan – animal market was a cover up
    Bill Gates held a “Pandemic fire drill” in NY in Oct 2019?? why? Knew something?
    Bill Gates has made comment “this decade will be the decade of the pandemic”??
    There is video proof Dr Fauci had conversation regarding how to get rid of the “old” vaccine technology and bring in the new mRNA platform – It would take 10 years to get the mRNA approved – unless it was emergency use approved – for what?? A pandemic – THEY created it. Fauci had $ interest in Wuhan What a fantastic way for Gates, Pharma and Fauci to get this new technology “approved” and make $$$ $$$ $$$ BUT – they had to shut down any talk of ways to help people fight the virus EXCEPT – Vaccine – Trump was supposedly sick with COVID for 3 DAYS??? (invermectin, zinc, vit c vit D melatonin given?) There was no vaccine and he recovered – later “Operation Warp Speed” was the initiative to fast track a vaccine – I believe there was one already, but they had to make it look like it was being developed super fast- not too soon but in time – Jan/21 Why the “get vaccinated” frenzy? – EVERYONE made $/kickbacks – doctors, pharma, hospitals, politicians – fear was created so people listened and stood in line like sheep to get the jab not knowing it wasn’t being done for saving lives it was being done for the $$ – A lawyer in Germany says it was a co-ordinated experiment orchestrated between the 4 drug companies using the whole world as their test subjects and that all the jabs/doses were not the same (they have proof)- an experiment within an experiment to test the drug – NO it is not a vaccine. Pre-meditated murder? Genocide? The OLD AND SICK died – everyone else normally healthy would survive but they were misled saying it was deadly and had to get the jab -but not given all the facts.
    Why now when they have said omicron is “just like the flu” is Mayor Tory of TO still going crazy with pop up vax clinics??? Pushing – It’s got to be the $$ – KIDS do NOT need this jab – still about the $$?? Nobody knows the long term side effects to possibly come.
    $2M paid by TO for rapid tests for schools?? IF YOU ARE SICK – STAY HOME – you don’t need to test to see if you are sick – symptoms? stay home -Vit C, Vit D, zinc…
    Watch TV? See all the drug commercials? See all the side effects listed? What about the COVID-19 “vaccine? possible side effects? Where are they listed?
    There is word the mRNA platform is being used to develop New vaccines for things that have not occured yet?? Pfizer profit off COVID $6 Billion?? ANYONE on side/associated with the drug companies gets rich too. 1st shot 2nd shot 3rd shot booster 1 booster 2
    Are you crazy?? a vaccine is one shot that keeps you from getting the disease WHAT is this??
    I have a Food Science, Nutrition, Microbiology and Physiology background and everything that has taken place is still not making sense – Thousands of lives could have been saved BEFORE Jan 2021 if there was not a greedy pre-planned conspiracy that everyone came on side with to dupe the public and make lots of $$ with a “vaccine”
    It’s over but those making $$ do not want to let go and let people go back to making their own decisions for themselves and families.
    Protests?? end it all by stopping this vaccine madness and fear and anxiety and let people think for themselves…

    • Jane you have gotten the jist of the whole matter. In just a few paragraphs you lay out the sequences and circumstances of who perpetrated this huge scam and why (it’s always firstly about MONEY and secondly about POWER.) Great job and thanks for the post. Now if only more people would open their eyes to the truth.

  11. Justin Trudeau said “how disappointed he was in the Canadians who have not been vaccinated”. Are you kidding me – I knew there was a reason for this VAX push.

  12. Omar Khadr, terrorist, was rescued from GitMo by Justin Trudeau. Sherman’s were interfering with the Liberal long term plan. Sherman’s are murdered, terrorist Omar Khadr gets 10.5 million, hit money, Trudeau carries on with plans as usual.

  13. this was very interesting to me with my family and medical background ty for alighting me ounce again got jabbed twice but after some strange reaction at least to me i would never get another and ty to truckers for starting to open my eyes Now if we can get rid of all these money hungry people and reset our path to freedom it will be the greatest joy of the centuries ty again to all !

  14. Passing? Get it right they were murdered, with the W.H.O. and United Nations implicated in the murders. This goes all the way up the food chain all the way to the top echelons of power. What ever happened to real journalism? Because as far as I’m concerned real journalism is dead.

  15. A head of state would NEVER be given an experimental drug period. Seeing them pretend to get their jabs on TV and the like is pure bs!

  16. nano particles reacting with graphene oxide from iodine crystals to create methamphedamine in the covid vaccines. that’s what’s happening. research the human genome project also to see why they are doing this. that’s all i gotta say.

  17. Reading through the article sounds like Trudeau could have sucked up to the Sherman’s to use their funding money to help him get elected and lead the Sherman’s on to thinking he would profit as well making HCQ for everyone in Canada (and possibly other countries) making more money via supply and demand. Meanwhile Trudeau knowing full well at the time was never going to let HCQ be the cure cause back door the jab agenda was going to make more $$ while killing off ppl per the elites agenda 2020. The Sherman’s likely knew about the impending pandemic being released world wide but knowing he was the manufacturer of a cure justified it to himself as why not he was saving ppl and making $$. We all are fully aware now the depth of evil amongst these world wide elites. Just remember God already won.


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