Want To Reduce Racism? Condemn Government, Not Canadians

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“Senate Report On Islamophobia Says Urgent Action Needed To Reverse Rising Tide Of Hate”

November 2nd, 2023: “Human rights committee report took a year, involved 21 public meetings and 138 witnesses.”

At a risk of overt sarcasm, you could take 8 years, involve 188 meetings, and call 1388 witnesses, and it won’t make a bit of difference.

Call it a misplacement of responsibility. What “anti-racists” want is for the attitudes of the general public to change, when what is needed is change from government, media and academia regarding racism in Canada.

“The evidence is clear. Islamophobia is an acute threat to Canadian Muslims and urgent action is needed,” Sen. Salma Ataullahjan, chair of the Senate human rights committee, told reporters Thursday.

“We must commit to building a more inclusive country and to better promoting our Muslim relatives and friends, neighbours and colleagues.”

And how to proceed, Ms. Ataullahjan? Why not go directly to those who shape public perception on racial issues in society? While your at it, Salma, try asking yourself whether CBC, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail and Montreal Gazette have made your problems worse, as opposed to working to minimize social conflict.

But you won’t. Instead, the goal is to re-orient the thinking of non-Muslims by, as you say, “better promoting our Muslim relatives and friends.”

But darlin,’ isn’t this exactly what PM Justin Trudeau has been doing for the past eight years? How’s that been working out for you and yours?

We begin to understand the stiff-necked approach to an attempt to transition society away from its collective perceptions. This will fail, and make the problem worse. Then again, there are public figures who leverage the prickly issue of race-relations to purposefully stir up social anxiety and anger.

One of them is, of course, Justin Trudeau. Another is woke globalist back-up quarterback, New Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh.

The report says the committee was “disturbed to hear that incidents of Islamophobia are a daily reality for many Muslims, that one in four Canadians do not trust Muslims and that Canada leads the G7 in terms of targeted killings of Muslims motivated by Islamophobia.”

And who, pray-tell, is responsible for flooding Canada with 3rd World migrants without providing adequate housing? Kindly name the politician who has promoted Islam above all other religious faiths?

How many times has Trudeau appeared in the news in support of the Islamic faith? On how many occasions has the PM appeared at Canadian mosques? How many national leaders have donned Islamic garb, sat on the floor in a Mosque, and recited the “Shahada,” a prayer for conversion to the faith?

There’s only one: Justin Trudeau. If this individual was truly interested in “social equity,” would he not at least fake participation in a Christian church service? How about even once? After all, Mr. Trudeau claims to be a “practicing Catholic.”

But he never does. For certain, our aberration of a prime minister is not solely responsible for racial tension in Canada. Yet, Muslim-Canadian Liberal MPs call for “the people” to change. Please inform CAP as to why they should listen?

Why should Canadians empathize with M103 “Islamophobia” motion founder, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid? Technically speaking, she’s only half a Canadian. The other half is a citizen of Pakistan. Do you really believe that full citizens would embrace her rhetoric? Complaints and whining being wholly ineffective in this regard.

Another one who works out of a similar bag is Liberal MP Salma Zahid. Born in Pakistan, the Liberal politician is technically 1/3 Canadian. In addition to her birth-place, she holds both British and Canadian citizenship.

On this basis, why should Canadian-born, “Old Stock” citizens listen to her complaints? If Canada is so awful, a plane to Pakistan is available. Such politicians are not fully dedicated to Canada, so why should Canadians be fully dedicated to them?

All of which will go over the heads of our “anti-racism” brigade.

“The report found that Muslim women have become the primary targets when it comes to violence and intimidation because they are easily recognizable from their attire. As a result, many are afraid to leave their homes for work, school or other activities.”

“The profound effects of gendered Islamophobia are such that it compels certain women to consider removing their hijabs to enhance their employment opportunities,” the report said.

Then do it. Show some adaptability to your adopted country. Perhaps Canadians will appreciate the move. It’s what’s inside that counts, right?

Besides, it’s not as if there isn’t two sides to the Hijab wearing coin. Think about it. Your sisters in Iran are fighting to achieve the very opposite of your goal, like this:

“Renowned Iranian actress Hengameh Ghaziani, known for her public opposition to the mandatory hijab, says she has been summoned to appear in court for her stance against the mandatory hijab law, compounding fears for her freedom after she was arrested last year for participating in a women’s rights protest.”

Just think, Ms. Salma. You could mitigate anti-Muslim racism in Canada, while showing solidarity with Muslim sisters in Iran. But you won’t.

Help us understand. You brand us racist, and then expect Canadians to like you? Isn’t that a tad illogical? One thing is for sure– traditional obstinacy will get you nowhere– the arrival point of all the fuss made in a futile attempt to re-wire the thinking of Canadians.

Do yourself a favour. Begin at the top. Government, media, academia make the problem worse, not better.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, while expecting different results.”

Doubtful it is that “anti-racism” warriors will listen, though.

“Testimonies highlighted the fact that Islamophobia in the workplace is not merely the consequence of a handful of people’s actions; rather, it is a systemic issue that is widespread.”

“Systemic racism.” The very same tedious bollocks Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh have been pushing on Canadians for years.

Have you seen any improvements in race-relations as a result?

2 thoughts on “Want To Reduce Racism? Condemn Government, Not Canadians”

  1. blah blah blah @ canada, when will they start to notice the russophobia and sinophobia?

    over 200 countries in this world, only 1 of them declared neutrality. what is the island/country of fiji at war against? who is canada at war against? anyone the americans and fake israelites desire? why are we part of nato if this is not our hate? to feel protected? against whom? the ruskies and the rice eaters? oh noes… anything but that.

    embrace everyone, just not the opposite fence of nato! worship islam, not daoism! worship capitalism, not communism! its like cheering for sports teams and sticking your tongue at the others, na na na boo boo, i know you are but what am i?

    “what are you 12, or something” = ask canada and its citizens, fighting over pieces of the ground…. creating new borders… why must we all fight each other?

    oh pick me, pick me professor, i think i know “because unseen forces in the astral realm require sacrifice otherwise they will flood or burn this world, we must appease moloch as much as he wants, every human is in existence to feed the lord of yehweh (also called baal)”

    is that your final answer, child? “i dont know, i cant think of any other reasons” ah yes… so we must… fight for the cause… the eternal conflict of man, if there isn’t suffering being undertaken, then baal/moloch/yehweh will be hungry/thirsty, we must be pretend to cling to tribes, religions, politics so that there is a constant battle of light vs dark, similar to electricity and magnets… positive vs negative, and the human brain works with electricity, so the chaos is pretty much just a conflict to produce an endless stream of energy

    “wow… i never thought of it that deep” ah yes… and so, most will ignore these words, the others will be shocked, but the suffering will continue regardless, no amount of awareness and contribution will deflect baal/moloch/yehweh’s hunger… it can only get worse and worse

  2. “The report says the committee was “disturbed to hear that incidents of Islamophobia are a daily reality for many Muslims, that one in four Canadians do not trust Muslims and that Canada leads the G7 in terms of targeted killings of Muslims motivated by Islamophobia.”

    Says who? What report? Who provided the funding? Publish all of the unredacted;; unspun “findings” in the *National Post*. Targeted killings of Muslims”? Puleeeze. Talk about hyperbole. And yet; surprisingly–they come here in droves. When was the last time a Muslim was “targeted,” and murdered? How many? How often? When? Where? Workplace “Islamophobia”? I think there’s a lot of workplace paranoia among (impressionable; conditioned) Muslims. What sorts of problems are they having? Let’s also hear from their co-workers, and bosses. Get their side of the matter. Are you qualified to do the job? Do you expect everyone to cater to you? Have you made any genuine attempts to befriend your colleagues? Do you dress to be the “other”–Or try to be a part of the group.

    In their Trudeau-fertilized; hyper imagination; There’s a seething racist behind every smile; every polite nod; every friendly greeting. If a Muslim isn’t immediately promoted to a higher position; this is a “clear-cut case of Islamophobia,” and “hatred.” We’re all phonies, and haters. Perhaps major cultural differences are one root of perceived “wrongs.” As CAP said; Trudeau’s MSM–and gang of poisonous snakes–Have created any (real) problems that exist. Eight years in; This is life in Trudeau’s (WEF/UN) version of “Canada.” Their malevolent designs for Trudopia are readily obvious; if one has eyes to see. If Trudeau spent 1/000th of his energy on actually doing what’s best for this country–Instead of stirring the “racist/Islamophobia/homophobia/whatever” pot–We’d likely lead the world in quality of life. Then again; in the “current year”–Even a repentant Trudeau would not be able to salvage much from a hyphenated; fractured; near-mortally wounded; “mosaic” Canada.

    Such is our tired; moribund country–In the “current year.” Eight down; two more years to go.


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