“Vote Bank Politics” Drive Liberals To Give Safe Haven To Terrorists

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According to the Hindustan Times, when Indian security agencies approached  Canadian counterparts with information about Khalistanis taking shelter in their country in 2015, Ottawa replied with the following:

“They could not receive intelligence from India as there was no institutionalized mechanism and that intelligence was not evidence.”

“In line with FBI-RCMP protocol, the Indian[government] signed an MOU(memo of understanding) with RCMP in 2020, but nothing changed as the Justin Trudeau government continued to provide safe haven to Khalistanis for vote bank politics.” 

A fascinating piece of intel it is, via Hindu-oriented media in India. It appears logical. After all, it was less than a year ago that claims began to bubble up regarding foreign election interference, this time alledgedly at the hands of the government of China.

Under PM Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” media structure(neo-communist in orientation), what our  press omit is often more relevant than what reaches Canadian eyeballs.

We note an affinity. China, India, Punjab, Iran, Pakistan, et al. Ever heard mainstream media ever once allude to a tangible piece of truth?

Based on immigration volume, Canadian society will progress to a point where socio-political problems from foreign nations transition to Canada’s problems. Not only that- and equally as influential– is an accumulation of ethnic community political power on Canadian soil.

Media say nothing. Seeing as it is the case, they can refrain from pointing to a fundamental fact:

No political party has advanced this dynamic like the Liberals have. In this regard, no prime ministers in the history of our country have promoted nefarious globalist politics like Pierre Trudeau and Justin Trudeau.

It was Trudeau Sr. who in the early 1970s visited China, met with Chairman Mao Tse Tung, and thus opened the door for the behemoth nation’s socio-political expansion in Canada.

Some forty years later, Justin Trudeau opens the door for Sikh nationalist interests to penetrate Canadian society. Ditto for the political factions from Iran and various Middle Eastern nations.

Media do what they are instructed to do. Never position the Trudeau family as a vehicle for globalist assault on Canadian society. Add to this Multiculturalism, which in tandem with immigration policy, is certain to one day transfer Anglophones to a disempowered minority community.

Seeing as media eschew the entire situation, they are freed from speculation as to the motivation of so-called “father and son” Trudeau.

Why did they do this? What is the purpose? Is the Liberal Party of Canada indulging in altruistic behaviour? Or rather, as  CAP speculate, is the purpose to win election after election in perpetuity, in addition to a covert goal of transitioning our nation from democracy to dictatorship.

As far as Khalistani nationalism is concerned, it sounds like Trudeau Jr. is jeopardizing national safety in order to capture the Sikh vote. In 2023, Liberal political pandering to China, Punjab and Islam is par-for-the-course.

Can it possible that the “internationalization” of Canada as advanced by the Trudeaus, Liberals, along with a cabal of Quebecois Laurentian Mountain elite are out to destroy our country?

Not quite, wethinks. The true target is not Canada– it is English Canada, and specifically, it’s anti-Liberal Anglophone/Caucasian population.

Skill Testing Question Time:

When Mao Tse Tung wanted to rid China of those standing in opposition to his Communist revolution, what did he do?

He got rid of them. Holy Smoke. Is it possible that the Liberal-backed “Woke Revolution” has similar ideas in mind.? As Cultural Action Party recently wrote-up, Statistics Canada informed us this month that our population is likely to double within 25 years. They also state that population growth is 97% sourced from immigration from the 3rd World.

Being transitioned to a relic, are we? In our stead, the socio-political power of Sikh/Punjab/Khalistan politics. The rise of 3rd World political power, be it Chinese, Sikh or Islamic.

All Trudeau family, all the time, since 1968, when Pierre Trudeau began to reconfigure Canadian society to match his long-term vision for our country. That this would morph into a globalist political powerhouse was never understood by the general public.

Clearly, it’s the Canadian way. Immigration, Multiculturalism, Charter Rights, Refugees  China, India, Middle East.

Do tell, fellow patriots– why is it always after the fact that average Canadians come to understand the nefarious agenda at play within society?

Because establishment media in Canada make it this way. The Liberal-media control connection dates back decades. The funding from the Liberals to media exists today. it’s not as of the press is going to print a front-page headline which encapsulates the phenomenon.

The steady, slow(okay not so slow) transition of Canada away from its organic development is a 50-year long political project, and it’s not over yet.

“Khalistani terror cells thrive in Canada: Indian intel shows alarming connections”

“The dossier exposes Canadian nationals’ ties to proscribed groups, their activities, and weapon procurement for terrorist activities.”

Justin Trudeau: protecting Sikh terrorists, supporting Khalistan nationalism, permitting Chinese election interference. For what purpose? A benefit for all Canadians? Let’s not be absurd.

Backed by international forces, Justin Trudeau is a Canadian revolutionary cut from a similar cloth as “good family friend” Fidel Castro. Add to this Mao Tse Tung, and various other political tyrants of history.

Media say nothing. If they did, likely they would be put out of business by the time Ramadan rolls around in early 2024.

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