Vladimir Putin Condemns Sex Change For Children,Trudeau Silent As Usual

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There are no high tempers in Russia about LGBT groups, but they shouldn’t instill their views on UNDER-18’s, Vladimir Putin said, adding the ever-growing types of genders may somehow be confusing.

Russia has very relaxed attitude towards the LGBT community, we aren’t biased against them,” but the MINORITY must not aggressively disseminate its views AMONG MINORS  who may not be able to decide on their own, “Putin told reporters.

“Let’s give children an opportunity to GROW UP and decide afterwards who they want to be. Leave them alone,” Putin urged.

Now, let’s contrast Putin’s commentary on transgenderism for children with Justin Trudeau’s comments on the issue. The first thing to note is Justin HAS NO COMMENT on these issues. He appears to care not whether Canadian academic institutions embrace and promote dangerous hormone therapy for Canadian youth.

In fact, multiple images exist of Justin Trudeau running around at  Pride Parades WAVING THE TRANSGENDER FLAG in support of the community. Is our prime minister unaware of controversies regarding sex change hormone therapy, transgender regret, and other negative off-shoots of the transgender industry?

A tweet from Trudeau speaks volumes: “ALL CANADIANS should feel free and safe to be who they are. On this Transgender Day of Visibility, know that we’ll keep working to fight hatred & build a more inclusive world.”

Fighting hatred, eh? You wanna see hatred? Attend an anti-SOGI event and you will experience this– from manic social justice warriors  who reject ANY AND ALL science, analysis and commentary opposing their nefarious agenda.

The use of the term “ALL Canadians” suggests that Mr. Trudeau has little concern for the AGE of the sex change candidate. As CAP have posted previously, there is a MOUNTAIN of evidence which reveals a tangible downside to transgenderism–especially for CHILDREN.

Superficial flake-like individual that he is, PM Trudeau eschews all of this, preferring instead to take a supercharged(ie manic) approach to transgenderism. No downside. All good. No negatives. Is this factual? Let’s not be ABSURD.

The parents of a six year-old Canadian girl have filed charges related to the trauma their daughter experienced as a result of public schools transgender indoctrination. The child displayed NO SIGNS of personal or social dysfunction. Previous to the incident, she was a perfectly happy and healthy young girl.

Subsequent to her sex change propaganda experience, she became fearful and untrusting. The girl ended up seeing a child psychiatrist. Her parents are suing her school.

Good-time transgenderism? Or in reality, a program of sexual indoctrination targeting young children. This certainly seems likely regarding degenerate programs such as “Drag Queen Story Hour” in our public schools.

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As far as Vladimir Putin goes, say what you will, but at least this fellow behaves like man. He is not Justin Trudeau. No guts, no glory from King Justin. Nothing but passive, virtue-signalling tripe seems to flow from the tongue of our anti-Canadian prime minister.

Populist and social conservative theory maintain that an unspoken agenda underlines the transgender movement– namely, the feminization and sexual sterilization of the male species. This phenomenon is not popular within nations Trudeau admires– China, Cuba, Middle Eastern and Third World Nations.

However, within nations he does not admire– the United States and CANADA— Justin is all-in on the promotion of sexual sterility for Canadians. It all fits within an overall scheme: the disempowerment of the western male by way of a globalist agenda of destruction.

A secondary benefit–nearly as vital– is the FORTUNE to be made for two giant industries: Big Pharma corporations, and the fashion industry. Both are increasing market share and profits by way of the sale of cosmetics. Trans people result in an increase in sales of women’s clothes.

Naturally, NONE OF THIS would pass through the specious brain of Mr. Trudeau. He’s too  waving transgender flags in the faces of Canadian children to bother with any negative aspect of transgenderism.

Perhaps Mr. Putin’s messaging will resonate to the extent that other world leaders being to voice dissenting opinions on the sex change phenomenon. Cultural Action Party will bet on one thing, however. In a thousand years Justin Trudeau will never state ONE NEGATIVE WORD regarding transgenderism. No matter what trans-pires regarding this situation, Trudeau will NOT DEVIATE ONE IOTA  from the globalist transgender agenda.

To do so would position Trudeau as something of a real man. Naturally, this will never occur.







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