Violent Threats Against Justin Trudeau Concern Law Enforcement

“We take all threats made against the prime minister very seriously,” said Staff Sgt. Tania Vaughan, an RCMP spokesperson.”


7 thoughts on “Violent Threats Against Justin Trudeau Concern Law Enforcement”

  1. crock of shit but normal for globull bend the story trudopes way… Trudopes a fucking lunatic idot and so are you for reporting it like this… Trudope and you are useless and should be taken down report that fuck nuts……

  2. FAKE, these are not threats, they are only wishes. and you can not be charged for wishing. wtf is wrong with all you snowflakes. grow some canadian balls.

  3. my question is, why wasnt that guy in BC charged with any crime when he asked Trudeau to kill President trump by pushing him off a cliff?

  4. Canadians are very angry with Trudeau are and expressing that anger. As long as they don’t go overboard with their comments, they should be allowed to say how they feel. We do still live in a democracy (for now) after all.

    • Canadians at recent town hall meetings are lashing out at Trudeau with some very good questions. Of course, he doesn’t answer any of them, but there is still a marked improvement from last years town hall charade to convince people Justin cares about them.

  5. I hope law enforcement is concerned about Trudeau threatening all Canadians! Trudeau needs to step down fucking now!


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