Violence Results From Nation-Wide Protests In Canada Against UN Migration Pact

They were soon met by organized bands of “ANTIFA” counter-protestors, who DID NOT HESITATE did not hesitate to use violence according to eyewitness accounts. The Antifa were swiftly dealt with by the police. Police have also outlawed protestors wearing yellow jackets, such as those worn in Paris by people fighting the recent increases in gas taxes.


9 thoughts on “Violence Results From Nation-Wide Protests In Canada Against UN Migration Pact

      1. Too bad it wasn’t that easy. He’s laughing at us and celebrating his great success. We haven’t got a core identity but Quebec likely is not thought of the same way. To them the West is a waste land.

  1. it will unravel like a spool of yarn, we can undo everything he has done, in time, and make him irrelevant.and remembered as a total ass hole…….forcing things on people is no way to win votes.

  2. It will come back to haunt him. He likely has his eyes on getting a job with the UN. He can still be a big shot and still tell people what to do. He enjoys every time he takes a verbal shot at Canadians.

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