Video: Trudeau Doesn’t Answer Direct Questions, Booed By Crowd

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“So, it’s alright for Trudeau to slander male construction workers as DANGEROUS to women, but if someone opposes bringing ISIS terrorists into the country they are ‘BIGOTS?’ What kind of upside down world are we living in?”




3 thoughts on “Video: Trudeau Doesn’t Answer Direct Questions, Booed By Crowd”

  1. What the girl should have done is to stand and make him, Justin, answer her question. DO NOT ALLOW JUSTIN TRUDEAU GIVe long-winded answers just so he can make you forget the question/s. That’s his game. Long winded answers is his norm to cut time and prevent answering vital questions.
    What’s the sense of asking Justin questions that are important to you if you are not going to either repeat the question or force him to answer your question
    Remember, we are Justin Trudeau’s boss not the other way around therefore, he owes that girl answer not some friggin memorized script.


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