Video: Trudeau Issues Threat To Take Canadian Catholic Church To Court

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Justin Trudeau refuses to confirm the Liberal Party of Canada’s historical role in the persecution of Aboriginal children.

Instead, he speaks of taking the Catholic Church of Canada to court.

View the video here:

5 thoughts on “Video: Trudeau Issues Threat To Take Canadian Catholic Church To Court”

  1. This could be a good thing since the Church will bring all their paperwork with them to Court.

    I’m sure that will show the Governments involvement into this debacle and who was the PM that was the worst perpetrator of events that happened. We will find out while the Court Case plays out.

  2. His beloved Quebec, his father and the Church are responsible. Start and end of story, the Trudeau foundation should pay, does he care about the children.

    Of course he does not give a shit, if he really cared he would not be appealing the 50,000 to pay out to each child or parent.

    Like really Mr. Trudope, you gave 10 million to a terrorist and you cannot give 50,000 which is way to low to start with. Why is this coming up now in the media, we have known this for over 10 years.

  3. Definitely go to court. The courts should look at Government, liberal party of Canada, Mr. Pierre Trudope, UK, our great monarch, the Queen, the Church and Quebec. Yes all these groups of people should be held accountable. Quite frankly the liberal party has done nothing for reconciliation. Trudope is fighting against paying 50,000 per person, yet he gives 10 million to a known terrorist.


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