Video: Trudeau Govt Refuses To Disclose Dealings With George Soros

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The Canadian government refusing to disclose any details regarding Justin Trudeau’s dealings with billionaire globalist George Soros. In September 2016, the Trudeau government PARTNERED WITH SOROS’ OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS to increase the number of “refugees” entering Canada. What exactly is the agreement?



5 thoughts on “Video: Trudeau Govt Refuses To Disclose Dealings With George Soros”

  1. The Canadian people have a right to know exactly what Trudeau and George Soros have partnered up to do regarding the open Society foundation. He is the PM of Canada and as such is responsible to Canada and all Canadians while he is in office.

    • Trudeau, Hussen & Butts will NEVER reveal this information. If they did there would be nation-wide rebellion- which may occur regardless.

  2. There can be no behind the scene deals when our Country is the bargaining chip. Government is not a private members club for the rich it’s our and our children’s inheritance. Trudeau must be open and above board or he should be brought to trial


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