Video: Trudeau Denies Responsibility For Illegal Refugees To Canada

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“If people are in the midst of migration around the world right now, it’s NOT because of a tweet restating — almost word for word — Canadian policy on refuges, because that’s exactly what it was.”

3 thoughts on “Video: Trudeau Denies Responsibility For Illegal Refugees To Canada”

  1. Justin Trudeau never takes responsibility for anything. What he has done to this nation is quietly and deliberately kept away from the general public by the media, naturally, he spends time deflecting his betrayal to Canada by blaming PMSH, Scheer, or Trump for his mess.
    Unfortunately for the next gov, conservatives if they do win, the entire liberal bribed media will empty out in full details Trudeau’s disaster onto them, blaming, accusing, insulting them for creating the downfall of Canada’s economy and so forth. Make no mistake, the conservatives will be branded for the mess created by the liberal gov regime and they know that.

    It’s no wonder jihadi Justin continues to behave as he pleases because he knows the media is there constantly protecting him.

  2. Well he didn’t come up with that excuse till now and people “Choosing” to
    Illegally migrate from NY State know a sucker trying to make the US Administration look bad! He even had the nerve to say they were coming
    from an unsafe country! Lol

    Nice to see him getting all worked up though. Fear looks good on him!

  3. They never swarmed over the border until he invited them, like that was his right, he is subject to laws like the rest of us, when was the last time we had a politician go to jail


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