Video: Trudeau Censorship “Scary Path In Terms Of Canadian’s Freedoms”

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Conservative Member of Parliament Rachael Harder says PM Justin Trudeau’s internet content censorship Bill C-10 must be stopped.

This is an opportunity for Trudeau to “prevent anything goes against his ideology.” says Harder in a video interview.

 Click on this link to watch the interview.


1 thought on “Video: Trudeau Censorship “Scary Path In Terms Of Canadian’s Freedoms””

  1. It’s amazing how they want to censor people’s way of finding information and sending information on the internet but yet they are taking a Employee Pension Plan that is full funded by the taxpayers call the CPP and investing it in all the internet providers like F.B, Twitter, YouTube for their benefit!!!

    Maybe that’s why all the censorship, need to hide more of their stealing of taxpayers funds!!!


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