3 thoughts on “Video– Loss Of Our Identity: What Will Mass Immigration Lead To?”

  1. Third world countries are very much jealous of the West because of their wealth, now these third world migrants are going to make white countries poor. The West should find out who are behind this mass migration and want to destroy the west with invasion of migrants they are criminals and must be punished. It never happened before why all of a sudden their trick has worked who are behind invasion, these people should be caught and be punished. Now the question is how it can be stopped, first put those smugglers behind the bars who are bringing refugees to the shores of the Europe. Their rubber boasts should be destroyed as soon as possible, when those smugglers will have no boats this continuous invasion will stop Second send the migrants back to their countries with one year welfare money to teach those thugs who are behind it.

    • I believe George Soros is one of the demons who is doing this. The crazy thing is that the white leaders of the world are doing this….The bribes must be out of this world

  2. NO MORE A TRUTH HAS EVER BEEN SPOKEN. As for anti white, it doesn’t exist and that’s because being white is all that is going to get you and your killed. Being white but anti white will not save you, or colour alone is a death sentence.


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