9 thoughts on “Video: Justin Trudeau’s Islamic Connections.”

  1. Get this pos out now!!
    He’s putting Canada in the hole all while lapping off the luxury of Canadians’ backs.
    He already adopted the acronym ABC. Anything BUT Canadians.
    We want this little punk smug face GONE before the Islamization of Canada.

    • No they can not and must not be allowed to practise Sharia Law in Canada.
      They are doing so almost openly at some mosques and nothing is done about it. Soon they’ll be complaining that our Bill of Rights challenges their rights to practice their religion by not letting them use Sharia Law and dammit it mght stick!

  2. There is no German heritage month, there is no Ukrainian heritage month, there is no Chinese heritage month, there is no Sikh heritage month. There WILL NOT BE A ISLAMIC HERITAGE MONTH!!!!
    Not unless TRUDEAU wants riots throughout Canada.
    Bringing in a heritage month for 1 group, is in it own form, SEGREGATION!!!

  3. Afraid to say, they are here. Now what? How do you sort out the ones that want you dead? From the ones that don’t? The answer is. You cant. They need a swift and firm smackdown! Put them on airplanes and send the back where they came from! The ONLY solution. How can we not observe and believe what is happening all over Europe? Dearborn, Michigan? Australia? Is the left so arrogant that they think we are different? The Liberals think they can be appeased. Truth is, they are like a spoiled, unruly child. The more you give the more they demand. No M103. No heritage month. No heritage second. Eradicate Islam on Canadian soil is the ONLY answer. We can start the loading of the planes with the Liberal party. Collectively give our heads a shake and start all over again!

  4. gihade Justin is a trader he is not a Canadian, he is letting Muslims in by the thousands we have to stop him,muslims are all about Islam they want all non Muslims dead it says it in there coran I can’t believe these people and they are populating by the thousands stop Justin trudeau

  5. in winnipeg we have a festival for 2 weeks and it’s called folklorama. it’s a celebration of every culture in the world and it recognized all over the world. this is were islamics culture can be seen not in school not in public not in the courts cause this our canada and I personally do not recognize any religious beliefs or laws of the Muslims nor do I support them


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