7 thoughts on “Video: Justin Trudeau Delivers Pro-Islam Speech Ismaili Centre in Toronto”

  1. You are the biggest traitor in Canadian history , you hate all Canadians and at are in love with terrorists and the Islamic countries . Your evil planning will end in your fate of being the most dangerous hated peoplekind in our history . You are taking all our freedoms away from we old tax paying Canadians and turning Canada into a war torn country destroyed country . When you recive punishment for all your many devious rotten crimes to the freedoms and rights of not only your chose few , Canadians will be very happy .The debt you have forced on our young people will make your name the the most despicable memory for YEARS .

    • Trudeau is a traidor ..dont u speak for Canadains we don’t want Islam in Canada or in any western country ..
      You are a traidor trudeau ..
      Let’s hope your plane doesent make it safely back to Ottawa. Traidor

  2. His new Canadian People. Trudeau goes over and above on his hypocrisy. I have never seen a man who goes out of his way in every way to be a such an ignorant hypocrite. I am truly sorry to every Veteran who has lost their lives, or have been maimed in some way or come home with Toxic Terrors to be ignored and demeaned by this very Toxic Prime Minister. After watching this video, I am repulsed and sick to my stomach. Veterans have fought and laid down their lives so Canadians can have freedoms. Trudeau is a very sick puppy.


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