Video: Justin Trudeau Calls Conservatives “Dangerous” Regarding Immigration

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Warning against the “dangers of populism,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says using immigration as a wedge political issue puts Canada’s future at risk.

4 thoughts on “Video: Justin Trudeau Calls Conservatives “Dangerous” Regarding Immigration”

  1. Unfortunately….in an attempt to affect great change….Canadians sided with the Liberals and put a huge unknown in power. The problem with that is Turdeau has a hidden agenda that doesn’t include a lasting respect for the welfare of our great country. He’s been tasked by his masters to dismantle our entire ideology and way of life in favour of a globalist agenda – Agenda 21.
    Nothing he’s done has been for our good…..and until we remove him from power….our future looks bleaker day by day.
    Harper might’ve been a bit distasteful for our more left-wing voters…and along with the promise of legal marijuana they forced out a patriot leader and left us in a serious situation. Along with open borders…..seething terrorism growing daily…..we’re now a target for the US in a way that would only appeal to the suicidal.
    We need to act quickly and precisely….and carve out this ‘cancer’ known as globalist socialism once and for all……before we no longer exist.

  2. The Federal election of 2019 will be the most crucial election for Canada as a nation since Confederation in 1867. We are all faced with the choice either to vote for the corrupt and treasonous Liberals, NDP, Green Party and their globalist allies or vote for the Conservative Party which imo still has the best chance of getting elected. What we must do is, put pressure on Andrew Scheer and candidates running, to stick to Conservative Judeo-Christian principals. These principals are among others: Small Government, Strong National Defense-Security, Law and Order, Balanced Budgets-Low Taxes, Pro-Life – Pro-Family, Canadian sovereignty over Immigration, only those should be accepted who legally apply and qualify according to need and labor force requirements. No Immigrants/migrants should ever be tolerated expressing a desire to overthrow our Canadian Code of Law and replace it with Sharia Law. Acts of terrorism should be dealt with as an attack on Canada. Terrorists should be dealt with in a military tribunal, and either be jailed or receive the death penalty.


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