4 thoughts on “Video: Is Justin Trudeau Merely a Moron Or Is He Also a Traitor?”

  1. what I can’t comprehend is why isn’t the RCMP not investigating him and arresting him for treason? for that matter why are none of the mp’s in parliament demanding the RCMP investigate him on a rush basis for treason instead of all their finger wagging .. they are through their inactions actually condoning this idiot. He needs to be arrested and have the book thrown at him
    for treason against canada.

    • Your right he should be investigate and all those liberals and NDPs should also be investigate and have their brains returned and the RCMP are also morons they went thru the process of having their brains removed and replaced by crap.

  2. The reason the RCMP do nothing is because its ran by lucky how is related to our past finance minister.

    Wake the f*ck up and do some reading.


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