18 thoughts on “Video: Faith Goldy On Border-Eroding UN Migration Pact”

  1. Canadians start fighting back we need Conservatives and NDP and our Mp to fight this Trudeau and 5 others are under investigation for crimnal acts why is he and the others allowed to change the laws and ut our country in danger for their special iterest why is the fcmp llowing the pm to gag them truseau and leberals sould not have the infuence it is like trudeau is investigating himself we have the right to vote on open borders and we have o remove those who under investigation from creating laws that will protect them Canadians have to hold hem accountable

  2. We have a right to get rid of Trudeau & his ridiculous ideas. He’s trying to pull in all the inhabitants that do not belong here. Taking away our our savings, our medications,our doctors which are already few & our jobs & homes. The rich will retain everything but the medium & the poor will be devastated by Trudeau’s plans. Boot this incompetent fool out with his bogus & Syrians in his government. There are several . They are all non Christians,Non Jews , & will get rid of them. Trust that.


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