RCMP Concerned About China Influence “From Canadian City Halls To Parliament Hill”- Video Report

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“There’s a concern  within CSIS and RCMP that go beyond the Winnipeg lab— deep concerns around [China’s] political influence at all levels of Canadian government, from Municipal City Halls to Parliament Hill. There is a growing eye upon Canada.”
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9 thoughts on “RCMP Concerned About China Influence “From Canadian City Halls To Parliament Hill”- Video Report”

  1. Opposition should have been opposition instead of bleacher sitters. This should not have gotten this far.

    The public has been opposing everything Trudeau since his first scam election but the idiots in politics are too busy lining their pockets instead of doing their jobs.

    All these people are corrupt and evil as sin and the world knows it. I say completely overthrow this entire corrupt govt body…all of them out never to serve in a public roll ever again ..jail is preferable.

  2. The sovereign people in Canada call for a public investigation and inquiry to Trudeaus government behind the Covid-19 measures .

  3. Trudeau needs to be removed,and be held accountable for his actions, and face jail, he played a big part with china in the release of the coronavirus.

    And his sexually assault charges of a minor need to be released to the public, spam it all over the news, show the world what a sicko he truly is.

    He is destroying this country and endangering the lives of all Canadian citizens and families, with the lies that he’s forcing the media to say , he has committed crimes against humanity and so have all the doctors, that played along, they failed their oaths as doctors do no harm, hopefully whoever reads this will actually do their job ,thks.

  4. Most of not all Liberal Cabinet Members, quite a few Conservatives, NDP, the entire BC NDP Government, right from Horgan down, and Kennedy, the Vancouver Mayor. He seems to be as corrupt. He jumped on the Trudeau Climate emergency/catastrophe in the blink of an eye, and now Vancouver is a dangerous riot-filled expensive place to live. Ebe in the NDP Cabinet is shit scared of and possibly owned by the corrupt Communist Chinese and seems to ignore videos of bags of cash being laundered at the Casinos.

    Communist Chinese and the Saudis own a major portion of downtown Vancouver.

  5. The US government has started an investigation into the Canada-China relationship. They have 90 days to investigate. When Trump said that Trudeau is a national security risk to the US he was totally right, as much as the Trump haters hate, the truth is Trump was right.

    Trudeau is not only a risk to the US, he is a national security risk to Canadians, the problem is with Non disclosures signed by all Liberal MP’s and the RCMP, means he gets away with everything…. So lets hope that the US exposes Trudeau before any election call.

  6. Trudeau is filthy he is a true Criminal and definetly has to be disposed of as soon as possible he resps fortunes ftom Canadians.No accountabilty nrver on his part.Drama no, sly shifty and thinks in his wee mind that he is invincible must be caught ASAP


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