4 thoughts on “Video: Canadian Tells Justin Trudeau He Should “Hang For Treason””

  1. He’s a traitor to CANADA and canadians, he won’t have to worry about what normal people do that have to live alongside theses brutal and statistic muslims because he’s a entitle prick.He should do thr right thing for once and STEP DOWN

  2. i absolutely agree. He has to go and all those with him. its a minority government and the so called unelected health officials are traitors also. Not to mention all the crimes against humanity etc etc etc. so how do we get theze guys out of our govts and positions in the pillars of society. i say its time to stand up, purge the the swamp and take canada back again. enough is enough

  3. he can’t tell the truth, he never answers questions, he is like a spoiled little child who has to get his own way no matter what, or who suffers and dies. Now that has to be a world record that seems to be the next big thing with governments and the left to bring in one world order just like the bible explains.


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