Video: Canadian Nurse– “This Is Totalitarianism, This Is Communism”

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17 minute video of medical worker in Halifax, Nova Scotia speaking on the pandemic from the medical industry point of view. Her messaging is grim indeed.

20 thoughts on “Video: Canadian Nurse– “This Is Totalitarianism, This Is Communism””

  1. I started warning people of this back when Trudeau first ran for PM in2015. People laughed at me. A lot of those same people will not even talk to me now. We are so close to becoming the communist country of Canada yet people’s greed to get all they can from govt. they either do not see what is happening to our rights and freedoms or just do not want to see because the gravy train will stop and they will be required to step out of their comfort zone and actually do something about it. I am 70 years old and I will never bow down to that communist bastard Trudeau. Please let me know what I can do to help stop the destruction of Canada. I love my country and I will not go down without a fight!!!!!!!

  2. I hope lots of people see this video and share on their social media. I would, except I deleted all social media accounts. Lets hope people start waking up. FDA also announced they would not authorise any vaccines. Wow that should worry those that have had it.

  3. Can anyone name a time in history where the people pushing censorship, curfews, lockdowns, restrictions on speech, movement, forced medical procedures and decide what you can and can’t buy, were the good guys?

  4. My mom and step-dad both got astra-zeneca vaccine and got very sick 3 days after.

    They CAUGHT Covid. They aren’t doing well, and when I brought them to the Montfort hospital in Ottawa they didn’t get to see a doctor.

    There were 6 people in front of them and they were being pushed back. The hospital is so empty the employees are just wandering around the halls. Its disgusting what’s going on. I’m not getting tested or vaccinated.

  5. What absolute rubbish! Conspiracy theorists like this are the bane of society. I live In the UK and I have never seen troopers in the street during Covid. About 60% of our population in Scotland have been vaccinated and our Covid numbers have now reduced dramatically. I know people who have had
    Covid and it is very real.

  6. Lost me too when she brought the army into it and when she said many people dying after receiving the vaccine. She needs facts before she causes fear.

  7. It is so sad that you have to call that Prime minister terrible names when he and all world leaders are scrambling to save lives. People have died in huge numbers around the world. Hospitals may appear empty because no people are being put at risk in hospitals…no family members allowed. I thank God for the wonderful work of our leaders and for being able to have been vaccinated. Why do you think there is no small pox or polio or diptheria, leprosy or the plague? Vaccines! If you won’t help yourself at least stop belittling others and stay the heck indoors.


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