1 thought on “Video: Canada’s Multiculturalism Act Must Go!”

  1. You hit the nail right on the head. I agree with you if we want to save Canada it’s culture, heritage & our society then this destructive Multicultural Act must be repealed in its entirety. It’s not racist or xenophobic to ask; One country One culture.
    Multiculturism has never been successful anywhere at any time of the history, one culture will always emerge to dominate others. That culture could take over a society either by force (invasion) or by infiltration (as it’s happening in Europe & Canada).
    In Canada, thanks to our multicultural policies, there are several forces right now vying for domination; sikh/indians, chinese, filipinos, africans & muslims being prominent groups among others. Who’ll win to takeover Canada depends on their own strength, support from outside sources & stupidity of multicultural Canadians. Most likely scenario, in near future, is fragmentation of Canada; Eastern half taken by mohammedans/africans ruled under sharia, whereas natural resource rich Western half will serve as Chinese outpost under some Communist dictator.
    Now, why would a person in his right mind would prefer to live under any of these corrupt & failed cultures is beyond my comprehension. Immigrants like me left behind those unethical cultures & corrupt countries and chose to live in a country governed by laws based on ethics & nurtured by western civilization based on judeo-christian belief system. People from corrupt & almost failed countries with no respect for human rights, no individual freedom & liberties, no sense of human values will only bring corruption & failure to Multicultural Canada.
    Unity, and NOT diversity, is our Strength.


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