Video: Attack on USA From ISIS Militants In Canada “Only Matter Of Time”

“Canada is becoming a foundational place for Islamists of all stripes. Canada is in denial over the terror threat, and the denier and chief is JUSTIN TRUDEAU.”

9 thoughts on “Video: Attack on USA From ISIS Militants In Canada “Only Matter Of Time”

  1. But then almost everyone on this earth realizes he is a stupid ass doing his best to destroy Canada. It could come to pass that the USA will eventually take Canada over for it,s own safety from violent Muslims..

  2. Please don’t think most Canadians are pleased with Trudeau!!! Most of us are AGAINST what is going on! And against Trudeau!!!!!

  3. Turdeau and his supporters need to be rounded up and charged with treason and any other charges, tried and put in PRISON . Then, we as a country NEED TO START PURGING ALL THE SCUM OUT OF OUR LAND.

  4. The moment the sleeper cell here hiding start attacking our friends in the USA, is the moment this True Canadian will go door to door removing all Islamic fighters and throw them in the ocean to swim back. American people are wonderful people

  5. The Turd is pitting every group against another group. This is the method that communist dictators have used to gain power through civil unrest. When the country is awash in blood, the armed forces will be called in. This ploy is currently being played out in France. However, ambulance crews are joining the demonstrators. Pierre tried to invoke the war measures act in Canada after he created the separatist problem. Kick the Liberals to the curb and take control of immigration properly. Under Harper, we increased (LEGAL) immigration with migrants skills matched to available jobs. They were NOT illegals to be feted in hotels and handed buckets of cash to vote Liberal.

  6. The Canadian people are not in denial. Only the retarded leader. The only reason he is doing this is so he can buy his seat in the UN. And to buy votes to seal his own personal dictatorship. Trudeau has no concern at all for Canada or its people.

  7. Canadians arnt in denial, we know, we are fighting against it. and our government (Liberals) are doing all they can to silence our National alliance, Our Yellow Vests Groups are geowing in numbers and are being infiltrated, Media is being silent and bought out, We are being deemned as racists, violent extremest, but in truth, we are all races, all religions, all shapes and colours. We have never been so United.Trudeau Is A Traitor to our Country and needs to be Tried in A World Court for his involvment in funding terrorist groups, and for Treason Against Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

  8. what a shit show, looks like the Muslims are people that worship there leader’s and god and kiss the dirt of the earth that they live on… i would have to say these extremists are not Muslims. just mentally retarded terrorists that rape and plunder.

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