Vancouver Transitions To Canada’s First White-Minority City

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“New data from the census released Wednesday shows that 54 per cent of the people in the region identified as a visible minority, up from 49 per cent in 2016.”

“That increase was predominantly due to 154,820 new immigrants who settled in Metro Vancouver between 2016 and 2021, most of them coming from India and China.”

Back in Ottawa, power-player Liberal government politicians are over-the-moon. The demography manipulation project is working, and concerned citizens can bet PM Justin Trudeau and his gang of woke globalists are thrilled about it.

One down– nine to go. We speak of the quantity of major urban centres in Canada. To be followed by small towns and rural communities. One day, whites will transition to minority communities in all these locations.

Strange how Canadian media approach this topic. Namely, they don’t approach it at all. Statistics Canada recently released its latest demographic study. Reviewing coverage from CBC, CTV, Toronto Star and National Post, not one speaks of a tangible by-product of PM Trudeau’s immigration policy:

The transition of Canadians of European origin- Anglophones and others– to a bona fide minority community. Blimey– it’s as if such types don’t exist. One day in the future, perhaps it will become a reality.

Media are unconcerned. In Trudeau’s “no-core identity” society, our press have more pressing concerns. Anti-racism programs in our schools. Dreaded “Islamophobia” and all it entails. Prejudice against homosexuals, oppression of transsexuals.

For Justin Trudeau and his “just-flew-in-from-Davos” Liberal Cabinet, all these concerns take priority over the erosion of Canada’s European-derived population.

Simply stated, we’re “done like dinner.” To validate, we reference Liberal government social policy. Full-on abortion availability. Assisted dying. Declining “Old Stock” birthrates. Our aging population and workforce. All of this affecting the Canadian-born far more than, say, the Somalian-born.

Are Euro-Canadians seeing the writing on the wall? Justin Trudeau hopes we do not. For this purpose, he is financing legacy media. Under the control of the Feds, the press obfuscate the demise of our communities.

What a wicked game they play. Behind-the-scenes, all the desires and dreams of Justin Trudeau are unfolding. Mr. PM can now taste our demise on the tip of a forked tongue.

Media say nothing. Our Marxist infused educational institutions will, of course, remain mute. Even alternate media will not touch this one. So there we sit– silent, powerless, devoid of possibility of demographic reversal.

“I just think it talks to how our community is changing,” said Andy Yan, director of Simon Fraser University’s City Program.

A silly, puerile comment. Yes, Andy Yan– our community is changing. Whites are a minority in Vancouver, as they will be in all major urban centres within 30 years.

Call CAP paranoid. Many have and will continue to do so. Still, we can’t help conjuring up images from 20th century European history. In each case of demographic decimation, silence ruled the roost. People don’t talk about it. Entire communities have disappeared without recognition of the fact.

Is this what Justin Trudeau is up to in Canada?

“The municipality with the highest proportion of people identifying as a visible minority was Richmond at 80.3 per cent, followed by Burnaby, Surrey, Coquitlam and then Vancouver at 54.5 per cent.” 

Why should CAP be forced to deliver such trite commentary? Richmond B.C. is 20% white— a minority community if we ever saw one. Vancouver Sun do not word it in this manner. The decision is fully intentional, as it is within all Liberal-funded press publications.

“Don’t mention whitey” being the operative. Is this fair and just? How absurd it is to speak of our Liberal government’s “progressive” proclivities.

True, or not true? If the Liberals were truly progressive, they would admit that their immigration and refugee policies have progressed to the point where Canada is morphing into a minority-white society.

Turns out they have no use for this form of progress. Theirs is strictly a “pick and choose” dynamic. Progress in the Anglo-decimation ticket is omitted from government and media narrative.

We move to a high-level picture. All of this is the result of federal government policy. Upon gaining office in 1968, ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau was responsible for shifting immigration patterns from 90% European-based to 90% 3rd World-oriented. Some forty years later, Liberal PM Justin Trudeau establishes the largest immigration quotas in modern history.

In 1982, the government of Pierre Trudeau established the immigrant/minority-centric Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  In 1988, Multiculturalism became official policy.

Put it all together, and what does it spell? How about…the demise of English Canada? Turns out the Trudeau family–all of them– has never much cared for Anglo-Canada.

As a result of Trudeau-family policy and those who buy into it, white Canadians are to transfer to a minority community. Since media abstain from the topic, they have the privilege not to go where CAP goes:

When our communities shift to minorities, will they then become privy to minority rights in Canada? We imagine the scenario, as expressed in the Globe & Mail:

‘Anglophones Transfer To Minority Status, Obtain Rights Accorded To Racialized Communities’

Not only will future Canadians never read such a headline. The chance of allotment of minority rights for Anglos lies between zero and nothing. It will never happen.

No wonder a gleeful Trudeau prances around the planet with that smug expression on his face. He and his half-citizen cosmopolitan Cabinet are likely to win this war. What’s to stop them? Pierre Poilievre?

Given the greed of the globalists, it’s unlikely to occur. Between Liberal government deception and media propaganda, the Conservative leader may well be wiped from the map.

Anyone up for an anti-Anglophone Canada in which these communities transition to second class citizenship status? Heck, we did it to First Nations, so doesn’t Justin Trudeau have the right to do it to us?

4 thoughts on “Vancouver Transitions To Canada’s First White-Minority City”

  1. First time in history a conquered people – French Canadians – end up ruling over the conquerors – English Canadians – who use divide and conquer tactics to get revenge… i.e. flood English Canada with immigrants from all over the world while protecting the French in Quebec who have their own immigration policies and language laws protecting the French language and culture. We lost this war, it was a nice run while we had it. Economist Martin Armstrong described the current architect of all this, Justin Trudeau, as dangerous.

    The danger now is that we are sitting on the edge of the financial collapse of western civilization according to Martin Armstrong’s models and after the default on all the debts incurred since WWII, which have fueled big government socialism, things will turn ugly as racial as well as class conflict will increase and desperate people look for someone to blame.

    The collapse of socialism will start in Europe in 2023-2024, then spread to other countries and finally the United States will ‘crash and burn’ later this decade but perhaps 2028. The war in Ukraine (predicted by Armstrong’s A.I. computer 9 years ago) will turn into WWIII which European elites actually want as a distraction to the defaults to stop the citizens coming after the elite with pitchforks.

    The defaults will lead to the breakup of Europe and then the USA into three countries, East, South/Mid West (with Alberta, and maybe Saskatchewan) joining the new mid-west/southern states country, that would then leave British Columbia isolated from eastern Canada and given the leftist/green politics it could end up joining the new west coast country of California, Oregon, Washington state and others. see for more detail also various interviews of Martin Armstrong online.

  2. Yes, the old maxim, “shoe on the other foot,” must fit. If we could do this transposition!

    It is multiply applicable to those we see as ‘invaders’ in that what they might see is if others ( Whites ) were to inundate their own motherlands that would be existent and consistent with what appertains to Canada in these contemporary times.

    Would they not see an inorganic influx of White folk as a decided threat to their racial well being?

    Remembrances of a parks department worker for the City of Richmond, just one small example of the foregoing albeit before the “sea change”!
    One fine lunch break at the Richmond Mall down the covered concourse from The Bay, one co-worker quietly sitting along the ways on a mid hallway bench asked some Chinese person if she could manage to tone down her decibel level of talking in her native tongue.
    That response was, something to the effect, “one day, you will have to learn our ways”! Of course, language being only a part of what this woman exclaimed.

    Nothing like having a virtual onslaught upon the western shores of Canada. Then, it was a literal Asian Invasion, now its numbers unabated amount to a real Asian Transformation; next to come, a renaming of the province to Chinese Columbia.

  3. Well I am never more Glad to have left Canada 24 years ago and imigrated to the USA. Where I served in the Army Have gone rights and voting privleges.


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