Vancouver Mayor Forces Ramadan Prayers PUBLIC BROADCAST Upon City Residents

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CBC News“For the first time in its history, the oldest mosque in Vancouver will begin broadcasting its evening call to prayer over loudspeakers for the remainder of Ramadan, in order to provide a sense of community during the pandemic.”
CAP Media: All-but-invisible Mayor Kennedy Stewart has caved into religious community demands, giving residents and passers-by no choice in being forced to listen to Islamic Ramadan prayers for a one-week period.
“The azan, or adhan — which summons the faithful for prayers five times a day — will be broadcast from Al Masjid Al Jamia at sundown until May 23,2020.”

We are broadcasting the adhan to give hope to our community and all communities that, one day, we’ll all be able to gather in our place,” said Haroon Khan, a trustee at the mosque.

“It doesn’t matter what your race is, it doesn’t matter your religion or where you stand, publicly or privately. We’re all brothers and sisters together and we’re all in this COVID-19 fight together,” he added.

Right–it doesn’t matter– to Haroon Khan from the local mosque. Does it matter that 90% of the local population are non-Muslims? CAP will guess that the majority of these people do not want to hear foreign languages blasting from loudspeakers when they walk through the neighbourhood.

Obviously, not at all. But in a way, it’s not just the religious fundamentalists doing. They do what has been done for centuries, regardless of location, and these types never change. Rather, it is yet another pandering, naive Canadian city council who made this event occur. Just like the Mayors of Ottawa, Calgary, Halifax, Mississauga and a growing number of other urban centres.

What happens when one objects–like CAP are doing at this very moment? “Racism”–end of story. Such is the privilege for “special interest” communities within Justin Trudeau’s post-modern society. Within this context–from 2015 to the present–the Nation of Islam has been the “belle of the ball” for Trudeau and his Liberal Cabinet.

Statistics Canada informs us that the present-day Islamic population in Metro Vancouver is 72,000. Overall, this west coast Canadian city has a population 675,000.  That means 10% of our city are people of the Muslim faith.

If true, why are the same privileges not extended to Christian and Jewish Communities? Know what CAP would like to hear? The Christian Lord’s Prayer being driven by public loudspeakers into the various communities of Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Our opinion on when this will occur is, of course–never. And here these so-called “multicultural” organizations– mainly paid for with the taxation of non-Muslims, speak of “equality.” Frankly– within PM Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada, the only identifiable community with benefits from these “egalitarian” measures is Trudeau’s chosen religious community.

Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart said he was “pleased” an agreement was reached quickly, in time for the final days of Ramadan.

Check it out–Vancouver’s “Ninja” mayor–the strong but silent type— is pushing 7th century religious dogma upon residents of Vancouver.

“Broadcasting the call … gives our friends and neighbours in the Muslim community, and all communities, faith that the time will come soon when we can all gather at our chosen public places once again,” the mayor wrote in a statement Monday.

Blimey–how does this “invisible man” of a mayor deduce this? All communities? How so, Mayor “Nigel Kennedy?” 

Now, for an essential component of the equation which CBC, CTV, Global News, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Chronicle Herald, Calgary Sun and Montreal Herald omit–the actual wording of the prayer:

There is no God but Allah” (Ashhadu anna la ila ill Allah); intoned twice.

“I testify that Mohammed is Allah’s Prophet” (Ashhadu anna Muhammadan rasul Allah); intoned twice.

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And do tell–how did City Council in Halifax justify the broadcast? By saying that Christian Church bells have been rung within society for decades. 

Yet, those are bells– not instructions to push people to believe in an ancient idea of God from the 7th century A.D.

Makes no difference to Vancouver City Council. “Why, those CAP people are seriously into racism,” is the typical CC response. When this little “tidbit” was presented, take a guess at what the general City Council response was.

“You people are racists”--end of story.

CAP Conclusion: A major win for the Nation of Islam, a total loss for the rest. But you know what? This is the Canada of the father-and-son tag team of cultural decimation: Pierre Trudeau, and son Justin Trudeau. 

It was Papa Pierre who forced this upon Canadian society. Two pieces of Trudeau-Liberal brand government legislation established a Canada where the “minority” can perpetually push around the majority.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms(1982), and the Multicultural Act of Canada(1988).

What CBC Never Told Canadians:

This legislation has literally turned Canada “upside down.” Also omitted– this legislation will ultimately decimate the degree of influence of Anglophone-Canadians upon society. Is Pierre an Anglophone? Justin Trudeau? The IMAM at the mosque?

Not quite–and here lies the undoing of 153 years of societal structure. Mr. Justin desperately desires this. Other MP’s such as GTA Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen are “hungry like the wolf” for this very thing. 

Do the mosque broadcasts play into the steady, incremental undoing of Canada by way of Trudeau and his motley crew of Liberal-Globalists?

CAP’s opinion is as “written-in-stone” as the Ramadan shout out to an invisible, ancient god. We shall leave it to the reader to arrive at their own conclusions.

Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder.

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