Vaccinate “Minorities” Before Anglophones Demand Health Authorities In Canada

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“The reason that black people have a higher rate of positivity[for Covid rates], or higher hospitalization rates, is actually because of systemic racism” said Akwatu Khenti, Professor at University of Toronto.

Public Health Experts say racialized Canadians should be “first in line” for Covid vaccinations.

Ontario’s Ministry of Health say the ministry “recognizes back and racialized communities have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and is working with local health authorities to establish guidelines for delivering the shots.”

Based upon the circumstances, it may well be that established guidelines push non-racialized Canadian communities to the back of the Covid bus. 

Naturally, by way of media, citizens of our country will not be privy to this element of the equation. It is arguable that in this instance “Old Stock” Canadian citizens would be victims of prejudice based upon their ethnic identity.

To avoid any element of actual social push-back in this regard, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has all-but voided the use of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms regarding pandemic-related social issues.

Talk about thinking ahead. Previous to the worldwide Covid dissemination, Canadians of Anglophone and European heritage might of had a fighting chance regarding racialized Covid community privilege.

In 2021, CAP believe not a chance in the world exists that the three-headed hydra of reverse-racism– government, media, academia — will not get exactly what they desire.

The ultimate irony in this unprecedented social dynamic: if Old Stock Canadians breathe one word in opposition, our communities will be branded as racists and bigots.

Yet, at the same time, Canada’s controlling institutions brand our society one in which “white privilege” reigns supreme. It’s all so insane as Anglophones  continue their journey toward community disempowerment via the Trudeau government.

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Yet another CAP observation on Canada’s Great Reset era. Within Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada, all roads lead to racism.

Or rather, “systemic racism”— the bane of existence for all citizens who are not caucasian. This we are told is infused within society. The phenomenon is intrinsic within every community from Halifax N.S. to Victoria B.C.

Interesting that despite its ubiquity, never are Canadians informed who the perpetrators of this oppression are. Its got to be someone, right? As it happens, it is those who Canada’s multicultural industry want relegated to the bottom of our social totem pole–white Canadians.

For government, media and academia, this phenomenon is referred to as “social equality.” For Cultural Action Party, this is a breach of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the form of racism against Canada’s Anglophone peoples.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

2 thoughts on “Vaccinate “Minorities” Before Anglophones Demand Health Authorities In Canada”

  1. Social equality is treating all people equally. There is no difference between a white, black, yellow, brown life.

    This is just another attempt to buy the nonwhite vote after bringing in over a million plus what is already here. Hey, I’m all for immigration (up to a certain point that our economy(social programs to handle), but this segregation the PM is creating is not acceptable.

    And he’ll most likely get in again with a minority in the next election.

  2. Our prime minister is racist against the western part of Canada. He wants our tax money but he wants to do nothing for us but destroy Western Canada


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