USA Media Report – Is Canada’s New PM a Radical Muslim?

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And you thought that in just 55 weeks from now President Obama would be gone and the world would return to being safe for democracy – at least in the United States? Well, maybe, not?
The new Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is one step more open about his support for not only Islam, but even its most radical forms, then Obama ever was.

1 thought on “USA Media Report – Is Canada’s New PM a Radical Muslim?”

  1. No surprise of Trudeau does one day admit he’s converted to Islam. His Father was not trusted by Canadian Intelligence services, as they believed he was a communist sympathizer, so Justin is following in Daddy’s footsteps being viewed with suspicion by CSIS.

    As the Muslim community expands rapidly in Canada, look for more Muslims to hold high positions in government and the civil service. We believe Muslim organizations in Canada will attempt to have Sharia law implemented for the Muslim community, as they once tried in Ontario about 15 years back, but were rejected.

    Now,with a friendly government, and quite possibly a Muslim convert PM, look for them to try this again.


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