USA, Britain, Australia Omit Trudeau Government From Anti-China Pact

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“As the United States, Britain and Australia move ahead on an expanded military pact, Canada’s omission from that group suggests a larger problem with how this country is perceived by its friends.”

“Canada’s exclusion is seen as evidence that its allies do not believe Ottawa is serious about pushing back against Chinese ambitions. Trudeau has refused to say whether Canada was invited to join AUKUS.

Talk about an exercise in stating the obvious. Astute Canadians only have to look at the manner in which Chinese election interference has been approached by our Liberal Government to comprehend the reality of these statements.

Watching Liberal government machinations like a hawk is a Cultural Action Party speciality. What we have witnessed since the breaking of the degree China’s election interference in our federal elections is classic government-media subterfuge.

Rather than walk down the road into the history of Liberal Party-Chinese government relations, mainstream media made a left turn at Obfuscation Street:

The focus has been Chinese-Canadians specifically, as opposed to overall infiltration of the federal government. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has appointed an independent “rapporteur” to probe alleged Chinese interference in their recent elections.

Can it be coincidence that government selected this obscure term to describe the appointed investigator? Who the heck knows what this word even means? Certainly not Canada’s unilingual English language speakers.

Rapporteur–   “person appointed by an organization to report on the proceedings of its meetings.”

Stop the world, Justin Trudeau. All this person is required to do is take notes in a series of private meetings. Big frackin’ deal. Applying the weakest degree of scrutiny possible, we come to understand our PM’s “go-for-the-throat” agenda regarding the nation he most admires.

“Canada’s strategy seeks to strike a balance between confronting and co-operating with China. It says Canada will challenge China in areas of profound disagreement while working together on areas of shared interest, such as climate change.”

Translation: Not a damn thing regarding China is going to change. With the assistance of CBC, Globe & Mail and others, our Liberal government will sand-blast the China scandal, absolving the Trudeau government in the process.

Upon which Trudeau’s Liberal return to what they do best: transitioning Canada into a society that no one wants, and no one voted for.

Speaking of media subterfuge, CAP remain confident very few Canadians are aware of this tid-bit:

In June 2021, the U.S. Senate passed a bill with  two-party support that would force the Biden administration to lay out plans for working with allies on China-related issues.

“The White House will have 90 days to publish a strategy explaining where it agrees and disagrees it with Canada on China issues.”

“An expansive section of the 1,400 page legislation is focused on Canada. The Canadian portion of the bill is titled the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act. Included within it is a clause that would force the administration to produce a report on Canada within 90 days.”

The bill focuses in on trade, cyber-security, Huawei, 5G networks, mineral resources, defence, the Arctic, global institutions, organized crime, as well as the spread of authoritarian government.

Net result? Nothing at all. At least not in terms of follow-up from Canadian media. Put it all together in a globalist blender, and what do we pour out?

How about the idea that the governments of the United States, Britain and Australia have no faith in Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government. What a change-up this is from decades gone by.

Those decades were devoid of political control placed in the hands communist sympathizer named Justin Trudeau. Except, of course, for so-called father Pierre Trudeau, who opened our borders to the behemoth communist nation in the first place.

None of which has ever been positioned by media as such. Has Canada been thoroughly hoodwinked by the Trudeau family, the Liberal Party and communist government of China. One no longer has to be a paranoid schizophrenic to believe so.

 ‘Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win’

“Leftist Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has followed in his father Pierre’s footsteps both in assuming the high office and using it to further the interests of the Chinese Communist Party, Peter Schweizer writes in his bestseller.”

Not exactly the kind of book you find at Canada’s last standing book store chain Indigo.

“The book documents the cozy financial and political relations between the Chinese government and some of the most powerful people in the West, revealed decades of both ideological and financial ties between Beijing and the Trudeaus, beginning with the elder Trudeau visiting China in 1960 and meeting Mao Zedong, among other communist leaders.”

After which we witness the impact a half-century later:

March 13 2023 — The RCMP has received more than a dozen tips about two alleged Chinese police stations in the Montreal area in less than one week. Authorities suspect the Chinese government could be using the outposts to intimidate and influence Chinese Canadians.”

Blatantly obvious it all is. Yet, until Canadian media put together the entire package– if they ever do– the fleecing of 38 million citizens of our country shall continue.

What is the actual end-game at hand regarding the Liberal-Trudeau-China contagion? Is our country being incrementally converted to communism?  Are we now living within a dictatorship without being aware of the true circumstances?

So many questions, so little concrete information. Though we do know one thing. Neither the United States, United Kingdom or Australia trust the Trudeau government.

Smart thinking all around- at least from Canada’s so-called allies.

1 thought on “USA, Britain, Australia Omit Trudeau Government From Anti-China Pact”

  1. (1) “Canada’s strategy seeks to strike a balance between confronting and co-operating with China. It says Canada will challenge China in areas of profound disagreement while working together on areas of shared interest, such as climate change.” Climate change? Leaving aside the one-hundred percent wokeness of said term–China has about as much interest in curbing air pollution–Than Castreau does in telling the truth. Canada will “challenge” China in areas of profound disagreement.” Xi is shaking in his boots. Seriously….Name even one “disagreement”–That really matters. Going off-color; Canada serves as China’s bumboy. Particularly the corrupt (Quebec) Laurentian rooted political thugs. While Castreau reigns; the three Western allies have done well to exclude their turncoat brother. Too risky.

    (2) “What is the actual end-game at hand regarding the Liberal-Trudeau-China contagion?” That’s the heart of the matter. One thing is certain: China doesn’t much care about having a clone of itself in the West. That’s offers little benefit. The Arctic? Sure. Mining? Okay. This is small stuff; relatively speaking. China wants–Canada. All of it. Lock; stock, and barrel. That; I believe; is their end game….The big prize. The Liberals are making it happen. China has been playing a long game; corrupt Canadian politicians are seduced by short term financial gain. (Possibly w/ the exception of P. E. Trudeau.) These repugnant cowards have betrayed their country. Benedict Arnold certainly won’t be alone in the history books.

    This may be an oversimplification; but that’s my take.


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