Until Trudeau Is Gone, Canadians Stuck With Woke Socialist Agenda

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It’s an irony largely lost on our society. Can it be that politicians and pundits who claim to be “progressive” are more stuck-in-the-mud than Canadian voters?

Proof positive comes in the form of Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada. A recent turning of political tables delineates our theory.

“As a growing number of premiers urge the federal government to scrap an upcoming increase to the federal carbon tax, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pushed back on what he called ‘short-term thinker’ politicians and defended his government’s deeply divisive policy.”

Several thoughts spring forth regarding the PM’s stance. For the past 658 days, Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives have led the Liberals in Abacus Data polling. A poll published by Western Standard News has the Conservative ahead by 20 points and suggests that Trudeau’s Liberals have less than 1% chance of winning the next election.

How has the “progressive one” responded to this data? To what extent has our national leader augmented Liberal political orientation, or evinced flexibility regarding its ideological beliefs?

Try nothing at all. Why would it be? In terms of growing calls for his resignation, let us consider what boss-man has to say regarding pit-bull Minister of Environment Stephen Guilbeault:

“I have tremendous faith and confidence in my environment minister, and if people are having trouble getting along with him, maybe they need to look at their own approach.”

Spoken like a true narcissist.

“After sitting down with Danielle Smith in Calgary, the prime minister said he supports the high-profile minister, despite requests from Alberta’s premier to turf him from the job.”

According to an article this week published by the Calgary Herald, “Guilbeault has become a magnet for attacks from the Alberta government over the oilpatch emissions cap and the incoming Clean Electricity Regulations, which are pushing provincial power grids to reach net-zero emissions by 2035.”

Regarding incongruence between tanking in the polls and inflexibility emanating from the Feds, CAP put forth a question suspiciously tossed aside by mainstream media:

For what reason would the Liberals stick like crazy-clue to every policy in their woke playbook, when at the same time they drop like an atom-bomb in terms of voter popularity?

Under “normal” circumstances, would this not be tabled by media as a question critical to the state of our nation? Instead, the press eschew the entire idea.

Leaving others to speculate on reasons why, like this:

Because Justin Trudeau is locked into an agenda from which he cannot deviate. Because the current incarnation of the Liberal government is a political construct rooted in a pre-conceived globalist-oriented agenda. For these reasons, the PM has no choice but to follow through on a covert agreement created previous to his initial victory in 2015.

Continuing along the path of the speculatory, Cultural Action Party[est.2016] put forth the proposition that foreign globalist entities may hold something “illicit” over Trudeau’s head.

Why else would the leader of a country walk down a path toward the greatest loss of Parliamentary seats in Canadian history? Furthermore, under such dire circumstances, why is it that the Liberals have no replacement for Trudeau(at least thus far).

The current positioning on this is one step beyond a pile of crap. What Liberal MP or Cabinet Member wants to walk into the hell-fire of a future federal election? One can bet that Liberal backroom strategists have tested the waters in this capacity, likely in this manner:

“If Justin was replaced as leader, would it improve the chances of the Liberals winning the next election?” Likely response: it wouldn’t mean jack. Hence, he stays.

Ever heard of divine vengeance, Mr. Trudeau? A wise man once said “you reap what you sow,” and in this case, it may come to fruition. Unless somehow, someway, the Liberal-NDP axis finds a way to steal an election that can occur no later than October, 2025.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his goal is ‘not to win a popularity contest’ as he doubled down on his government’s carbon tax, despite calls from Conservatives and seven premiers, including Canada’s lone Liberal premier, asking him to halt the planned increase on April 1.”

The absurdity keeps on rolling down a dunghill. No matter how you slice it, popularity is integral to political victory, at least within democratic societies. Despite push-back from a majority of Canadian premiers, Cowboy Justin is sticking to his woke globalist guns.

The man has no choice. That’s our take, anyway. His entire tenure being a globalist construct implemented by international forces in a bargain fitting for a Faustian descent into political hell.

9 thoughts on “Until Trudeau Is Gone, Canadians Stuck With Woke Socialist Agenda”

  1. Trudeau’s “Minister Champagne” was interviewed by CTV (Power Play) journalist Vassy Kapelos; who asked tough questions, and stated: (not a precise quote)….”You lauded the US approach to ‘climate change.’ They don’t have a carbon tax, and businesses are fleeing to the US. Furthermore; “You have not produced evidence [that the] carbon tax works.” Champagne proceeded to out-poop a bull. Members of Trudeau’s “penetrated cab–ee–net” must have permanently stained; dark brown teeth. These Liberal fools are utterly shameless; brazen liars.

  2. Interesting take… Trudeau was clearly a flawed candidate when he won the Liberal leadership: no track record of accomplishment, not a deep thinker, the landscape littered with NDA’s and excuses for all his personal failures and transgressions. All he could offer globalists was the relentless willingness to speak whatever was put in front of him with his over-wrought style of delivery… coupled with reasonably telegenic looks and a well-known name and lineage. And four eight years, it was enough.

    But, narcissists eventually start to believe their own press clippings, even as time and again the ability to govern effectively and deliver on globalist promises slipped evermore frequently through his clumsy fingers. The threat of release of one (or more) of the hidden NDAs is more than enough to keep Trudeau on-script until he crashes and burns electorally, at which point they’ll cast him aside for a newer model.

  3. His political career has been nothing but one big long steaming dump on Canada, Canadians, Canadian culture and history, and especially normalcy and sanity. Every time he opens his mouth he defecates on the people and the country.

  4. Actually if you really take a look at what he is doing. He is actually trying to make things better for Canadians meanwhile Dip shit Daneille Smith continues to pull excessive amounts of funding from Health care, housing for the homeless, eliminated all required house for care from an RN in all continuing care centres across the province. When the recommendation was to increase hours from the less than Meagre 1.9 hours per day per patient and has now reduced it to zero so let me ask you if you have parents in continuing care. How would you feel about them not getting any care whatsoever? Meagre 1.9 hours per day per patient and has now reduced it to zero so let me ask you if you have parents in continuing care. How would you feel about them not getting any care whatsoever what if you were homeless I needed a place to live. How would you feel about living on the street, if you were homeless, how would you feel knowing that the , if you were homeless, how would you feel about living on the street and having everything taken from you?


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