Unspoken Prejudice: The Liberal Party Of Canada And The Christian Church

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Within a human mind, obsessive thoughts can grab hold of many individuals. Indeed, there are those who never cease to ruminate on repetitive thought-patterns.

CAP have been accused of the latter. It isn’t an unreasonable conclusion. A prime example of this so-called obsession weighs heavy on the mind of CAP as well as many supporters.

Why does a “built-in” animus toward those who founded Canada exist within contemporary society?

In a nation founded by European migrants, and those mainly of Christian descent, why is the resentment of them so high a priority for the Liberal Party Of Canada?

For CAP, we cannot think of a political movement which so treated Anglophones, Francophones and First Nations Canadians like so much trash.

To make matters worse, Trudeau transferred whatever dignity Old Stock Canada had over to our 3rd World communities. What gave him the right to denigrate English Canada has never been explained by the CBC.

One idea is remains immutable — the irony in the fact that Pierre Trudeau’s odes to equality— multiculturalism and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms—have resulted in an unprecedented fragmentation of society.

Such is the way of those who wish to destroy. This is accomplished so much more efficiently when establishment media are forced to “tow” the government line.

For CAP, this is 2020 Canada, and it is PM Justin Trudeau.

This is a complex issue, therefore we will keep things succinct. Our basic response? The hatred is rooted in the colonial element of the founding of Canada.

The irreversible founding of Canada by British and French migrants has become a proverbial “spring-board” for the trashing of English Canada, as well as its Anglophone communities.

Interesting Observation: The number one community most affected in this regard are First Nations peoples. How ironic that the people leveraging our treatment of Aboriginals the most to attack our history and society are non-First Nations peoples.

To add “insult-to-injury”—how incredible it is that the government of Canada is the most committed institution in this regard. 

Shouldn’t the ruling government of Canada be in support of all “identifiable communities” in Canada? This is what Pierre Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms(1982) set-in-stone some thirty-five years ago.

Only trouble is—it has never occurred. Strangely enough, all three fundamental elements of society are aligned in trashing Anglophone-Canadian identity:

The Canadian government, the Canadian media, and Canadian academia. 

How odd. For what purpose would what CAP refer to as the “three-headed hydra” of liberal-globalism all condemn Canada in this regard?

Of course, there is an explanation. The theory that CAP espouses is based upon nearly 40 years of political analysis of the reason for Canada’s national “self-loathing.”

When did this begin? It is likely that anyone familiar with our commentary will know the answer we will state— ex-Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau.

Did Trudeau Sr.,— always positioned an intellectual by media, understand what he was actually perpetrating upon our country by way of his Multiculturalism(1971, 1988) and Charter of Rights and Freedoms(1982)?

Perhaps, and perhaps not. Yet if not, how can one validate his political “brilliance?” If this man was such a visionary, why did he not envision the detriment this agenda was bound to conjure up over time?

Interesting that not once within Canadian media—and not once in the past 40 years— has this idea come to the surface of society.

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What does all this have to do with Christianity in Canada? Quite a lot, in fact. The piece that CBC omit is that Pierre Trudeau was a prototype Liberal-Globalist. This meant that it wasn’t Canada specifically that served as a priority—it was the entire planet.

Interesting that for Mr. Pierre, it was China which served as the original prototype for Canadian globalism. Now we are getting warm. China’s “relationship” with the Christian faith is not hard to comprehend:

It is not promoted, permitted or advanced in any capacity. Communist ideology is anti-religion, and most certainly, anti-Christian.

It is here we discover the roots of the Trudeau family’s malevolency toward Christianity. Yes, Pierre feigned an interest in “Catholic Quebec”— but really it was no more than political “lip-service.”

His superior, worldy vision of planet earth would not allow for colloquial affectations. Now China—that’s a concern. Central America, Nicaruaga, Cuba, Michel Fouquot—this was where was at for Trudeau Sr.

This he naturally passed on to his sons, Justin, Alexandre and Michel(deceased). Between Pierre’s exit from the PMO(1983) and the advent of son Justin’s current reign(2015), Canada took a poorly understood  “left-turn” toward socialist ideology.

Socialist ideology does not like the Christian church. Here is some of what Pierre Trudeau accomplished:

— He instilled mass abortion on demand in Canada. Anti-Christian to the core. He forced Multiculturalism upon society—again, anti-Christian. He promoted homosexuality. He helped establish the Canada-China Business Council. 

Additionally, Mr. Trudeau cultivated economic ties with communist China. Likewise for ex- Liberal PM, Jean Chretien. Suddenly, the behemoth nation with decades of oppressive human rights abuses—including persecution of their nation’s Christian populations— became the “belle of the ball” of the Liberal Party of Canada.

In 2015, son Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister. He immediately attempted to establish a free trade deal with his family’s preferred nation. 

Mr. Justin has endorsed every hallmark of contemporary anti-Christian social behaviour. Abortion was a must—even at a full 9 month term. LGBT was essential, Pride Parades simply fabulous, and sex-change operations became really cool.

How long did it take for CBC Media to pick-up on the anti-Christian aspect of this situation. East as pie— we are still waiting. 

You see, despite Justin Trudeau’s claim of being a Christian, it is reasonable to say that his political and ideological personal belief system is 100% anti-Christian.

Through all of this, astute Canadians can come to realize that largely by way of the family Trudeau, Canada has transitioned to an anti-Christian nation.

But here’s the kicker—no one ever speaks of this. Now, it would be one thing if the “powerplayers” of society came mainly from non-Christian backgrounds.

They do not. So why then is CBC, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and the rest of establishment media down on the Christian faith, when they themselves come from a secular or religious Christian background.

CAP conclude the following: the publishers, editors, and journalists from leading media outlets are controlled by “outside forces.”

Making sense here? If so, this would be the number one reason you will never hear anything along these lines from CBC, CTV and the rest.

It is here that socially aware Canadians will find the reasons for Canada’s hatred of Christianity. Then came Justin Trudeau and his Liberal- 3rd World “pseudo- socialist” society.

Strangely enough, a similar form of animus toward the Islamic faith doesn’t exist for the Liberal Party of Canada. 

Now why would this be?


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  1. I have heard that the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a catholic; has he done a complete referral and disseminate of his upbringing and his attitude and not just resurgent of his behavior. but he acts like a little child but I would think he is a full grown adult capable of some form of merit Most Canadians support his handling of the COVID-19 they think that the Prime Minister is doing a favorable job in the the coronavirus pandemic. Some people like my self and there might be just a few of us that can see beyond his soft tone voice and his beard and look into the interior soul of his personalty. By disguising his agenda to change and take Canada down another Geo political ideology. By his thinking that he is some kind of in familial leader that thinks whats is best for the country. Mr. Trudeau rectification remuinate repetitive by putting one culture against another;Incorporating division among the two finding European peoples.;that have some similar Christian values; By hard working people sacrificing and dictating their lives and souls for Canada.The main stream media likes to put their own spin on the narrative progressing the propaganda support from the prescient government. The First Nation people`s always feel that they have been let down sense the days that European set foot on these shores and incorporate their imperialism domain over the First Nations peoples.Trying to subdue and have control over their culture and limits them to third world status.

  2. He stayed in the cottage longer than needed, Why to slither in the gun grab. Which if you read the guns listed include a child’s air gun! They really want us unarmed question is WHY! What’s next I don’t know but between the Democrats in the US & Trudeau they follow the same playbook!


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