Unprecedented Blow To Justin Trudeau’s Globalist Agenda Occurs In Canada

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The Quebec provincial government has passed a controversial immigration reform bill which will scrap thousands of ongoing applications to live and work in the province.

Bill 9 was voted into law by the ruling Coalition Avenir Quebec party after a marathon 19-hour session in the National Assembly in the early hours of Sunday June 16.

Opposition parties said the measure, which scraps immigration applications from 18,000 skilled workers and refunds their fees, forcing them to start over again, is extreme and undemocratic.

Undemocratic, eh? What do you call an immigration policy which less than 10% of the Canadian people agree with? How about a refugee policy which permits ILLEGAL fake refugees to waltz into Canada and receive welfare payments in the form of Canadian tax-payer dollars? Not a single Canadian asked for, or approved this debacle.

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How about the policy of Multiculturalism? Did Pierre Trudeau NOT unilaterally force this policy upon our nation? And here these globalist liberals have the nerve to speak of a lack of democracy. Pure TOSH!

Including the applicants’ families, the fates of some 50,000 people wishing to emigrate to Quebec are at stake. Critics say the CAQ government has provided “no credible explanation” to eliminate the applications.

Here is an explanation: A government has the right to implement policy which the MAJORITY of citizens approve of. Does this situation apply to immigration, multiculturalism, diversity and refugee policy? NOT A CHANCE.

As it happens, these policies all have a common theme: Former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, the most anti-democratic PM who ever lived–except, of course, for his son Justin Trudeau. Together, these two ingrates TRANS-formed Canada into what it is today– a nation with “no core identity.”

Let us understand this in its proper, non establishment media-infused context. First, Trudeau Sr. CANCELLED Canada’s bi-cultural English and French identity. No vote, no referendum, NO DEMOCRACY. Thirty-five odd years later, son Justin informs Canadians we have no identity PERIOD.

Who is this communist-infused family to single-handedly TRANS-form our nation into an entity NO ONE ASKED FOR? And here the Liberal-Globalist brigade has the nerve to speak of a lack of democratic process. Hypocrites, all.

“The concerted efforts of the government will lead to a better link between the skills of immigrants and those required for positions to fill in Quebec companies,” federation’s president, Stephane Forget, said in a statement.

“These changes will have a very important impact to facilitate the recruitment of future employees … and therefore, better integration of immigrants.”

In fact, the social impact is much bigger than this. After forty years of a  non-stop agenda to force Canadian society away from its traditional identity and heritage, a Canadian government finally says ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We will NOT permit Quebec to be decimated and transformed into a welfare state.

In other words, the Quebec government will not permit what is occurring in ENGLISH CANADA to be replicated within French Canada. Smart. As for the rest of the nation, politically correct propaganda continues to push us toward the decimation of 150 years of Canadian identity.

But here’s the kicker– rather than PRESERVING this identity, the driver of the globalist destruction is the PRIME MINISTER of our country. Utilizing Somalian refugee Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen as the battering ram of cultural dilution, Justin Trudeau is working to finish what Papa Pierre began–the marginalization of Anglophone Canada in payback for the mistreatment of the First Nations peoples

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Just last week, Justin Trudeau declared Canada’s treatment of Aboriginals amounts to an act of “genocide.” How many Aboriginals were alive at the time of confederation in 1867? That would be approximately 150,000. How many are there in 2019? 1.6 MILLION. Case closed.

In terms of Canadian society, the Quebec governments decision on immigration is the best news Canada has had since the days of communist-infatuated Pierre Trudeau. Like father, Justin Trudeau has giant chip on his shoulder regarding the colonial roots of our nation.

By way of mass Third World immigration, multiculturalism and refugee policy, the Trudeau Dynasty set out to decimate English Canada, its roots, heritage and cultural identity. Their actions are PUNITIVE.

Next, what needs to occur- what MUST occur in order to stop the societal bleeding, is for English Canada to follow Quebec’s lead. Of course, it will NEVER OCCUR when the Liberal Party of Canada are the ruling government of our nation.




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  1. Love it that Quebec slapped Justin Trudeau in the face! BUT as to the rightness or wrongness of this I would assume people with papers in the works should get precedence.


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