Unmasked: Canadian SELF-HATRED Within Our Educational Systems

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CAP theory maintains that the degeneration of Canadian culture, identity and heritage is largely based upon a triumverate of anti-Anglophone forces within our society:

Government, Media, Academia. While much has been exposed regarding the symbiotic relationship between the Trudeau government and establishment media in Canada, the academic component is entirely under-exposed.

Simply put, since the day that Pierre Trudeau became prime minister(1968), Canada’s educational system–universities in particular, have morphed into socialist-infused bastions of anti- Anglophone and anti-Christian institutions.

Example:  York University, Ontariorecommended reading for ethnic studies course–

“Our schools, colleges and universities continue to be powerful discursive sites through which race knowledge is produced, organized and regulated. Marginalized bodies are continually silenced and rendered invisible.

“In this collection of essays each author analyzes the impact of Hegemonic Whiteness and the processes of racialization that continue to function in the Canadian academy.

What are the take-aways here?  Victim-card playing. Anti-white, reverse racist rhetoric–all perfectly acceptable within the social sciences department at York University.

One academic phenomenon which falls outside the purview of the average Canadian is the “foreign professor” tenures within our university system. As it happens, hundreds of “professors” from Third World Nations have come to Canada to teach courses on how awful White Canada is.

Example: McGill University, Montreal— Sociology of Ethnic Relations Course–

“The course will explore the themes of racism, prejudice, and discrimination, ethnic and racial inequalities, cultural identities, multiculturalism, immigration. Theoretical, empirical, and policy issues will be discussed.”

CAP in fact find these people and their teaching to be cowardly. Pourquoi? Because if you are going to teach that white Canada is racist, bigoted and xenophobic, at least have the timerity to state who the perpetrators of the hatred are.

They never do. Rather, they tacitly imply that Anglophones are racist bastards–without coming out and stating so in “black and white” terms. Come on– who perpetrated the racism, Professor Mohammed from Saudi Arabia? Which community actually oppressed Sikh Canada, Professor Harjit Singh? Wasn’t it the white man who refused your precious boat  load of Sikh terrorists, known as Komagata Maru?

Out on Canada’s west coast, University Of British Columbia offer a plethora of white-bashing, anti-Anglophone and anti-Christian courses:

“Students will be introduced to feminist, anti-racist, anti-colonial and queer contributions to scholarly, political and popular debates about nature and the environment. Our focus will be on the diversity of ways that nature-society relations, including pressing ecological issues, are linked to processes of gendering, racialization, sexualization, political economy, nationalism and imperialism.” 

CAP Trans-lation: These people do not like white Canada. And the language they use–  what a pile of globalist-speak high brow “intellectual” nonsense. You hate Canada? Please–feel free to do so– but not in the context of brainwashing Canadian children to hate their own nation.

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Ever notice how establishment media in Canada never allude to the fact that when taken as a collective, the general Canadian university system is 100% anti-Anglophone, and anti-Christian. Truth is, these academic Canada-bashers hold a right to teach and preach hatred of Anglo-Christian Canada.

What do  Canada’s leading journalists have to say about this? CAP readers know the answer–nothing at all. How odd. After all, Andrew Coyne, John Ibbitson of the Globe & Mail are Canadians of Anglo-Christian heritage. Ditto for Christine Blatchford and Margaret Wente.

Total silence–why? CAP response: The “three headed globalist hydra” of Government, Media and Academia. What appears to allude the people of Canada is that a symbiotic relationship exists within these entities which purposefully targets English Canada.

In CAP’s books, this is a coordinated program of cultural decimation. Think Indigenous Studies in our school system. This school of thoughts informs Canadians that we stole First Nations land, persecuting this community in the process.

Now, for something mainstream media will not inform us about in a million years– if whitey stole the land in the first place, then non-white communities have the right to steal it back.

How is this accomplished? Accusations of racism, bigotry and xenophobia. Canadians academic institutions are shot-through with this tacit sentiment. But what is more fascinating is the question of which Canadians are most engaged in the Anglo-bashing.

It is not First Nations-– it is “multicult” Canada. Third World Canada. Multicultural non-profits funded by Anglophone tax-payers. What a giant rip off!  Talk about getting “hosed down” by globalist forces. In the main, these people and their families are in no way affected by historical racism in Canada. How can they be, when they didn’t live here at the time. No matter for them–they keep on rolling regardless.

Result? Anglophones are demonized within Canadian society– greasing the wheels for our people to trans-sition to a marginalized community. Immigration Minister, Somalian half-citizen, MP Ahmed Hussen is bringing in one million of his Third World brethren over the coming three years.

Continue on this basis and Anglo-Canada will transition to a minority community within a generation. Outcome? Non-wealthy whites morph into “Second Nations” Canada.

At this point, we become an anathema within society– the only minority community in Canada which both retains this status, while at the same time being a demonized community lacking the minority rights enjoyed by Sikh, Chinese, and Islamic Canada.

There you have it, fellow patriots– a defined path toward the demise of English Canada, and its peoples.

Now, how does Prime Minister Justin Trudeau factor into this scenario? What degree of dedication has Mr. Trudeau displayed toward the retention and preservation of Anglophone identity in Canada? How about Christian Canada?

The answer is nothing at all. Rather, King Justin promotes and accelerates our downfall. How can this be verified? Let CAP explain: Over the course of his four-year term, PM Trudeau has issued a list of community apologies to our Sikh, Muslim, LGBT, Jewish and Chinese communities.

Tacit message? Why, it is the same message as our educational system: Anglophones and Christian are evil and awful– without actually coming out and identifying the perpetators as white Canadians.

See how these forces roll? CAP do–as well as common sense, informed Canadians. Then, we have millions of Canadian “snowflakes” who will no doubt vote for Justin Trudeau.

Bottom Line: Millions of Anglophone Canadians end up not only voting for an extended period of anti- Anglophone propaganda– they are actually voting for the demise of their own people, heritage and identity.

Folks, this is globalism. It is Justin Trudeau. This is MP Ahmed Hussen, and “die-versity” in Canada. This is, in fact, the real Canada.

All the rest–political correctness, “multiculturalism,” refugee intake are merely a precursor for the pending demise of English Canada and its Anglophone peoples.









3 thoughts on “Unmasked: Canadian SELF-HATRED Within Our Educational Systems”

    • CAP are doing something about it, but first the sordid affair must be EXPOSED to the people of Canada on a large scale basis–who is going to do this? CBC? Don’t think so– the situation is giant government/media/academic COVER UP–in other words, it is globalism.

  1. They are trying to pull the same crap in the US. How about that decolonized education? It’s not smart to ignore facts and proof and competent leaders just to pander to people who contribute nothing nor have anything to do with the building of Canada but immigrated after everything was done already. Do not vote for foreigners


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