Universities In Canada Block Hiring Of White Males

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“People should not be barred from jobs because of their skin colour, or their gender. We call that ‘discrimination’ — and it’s generally considered a bad thing.”

“It’s also bad that universities across Canada are refusing to hire white men for various research positions, simply because they’re white, male, and don’t claim to have any disabilities.”

At least someone thinks so. Unfortunately, it is an attitude shunned by Canada’s leading institutions. Conversely, reverse discrimination is all-the-rage within modern society. Our universities practice it, along with the likes of the CBC and other government-funded media.

Our Liberal Government offer not a word of condemnation. When any sign of prejudice is directed at “racialized” Canadians— including microaggressions and subconscious racism– it is the crime of the century. To reverse the dynamic is acceptable, and encouraged. In Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Canada, it has become open season on trashing citizens who identify as Anglophone.

As created by Pierre Trudeau, Canada’s paean to social equality the Charter of Rights and Freedoms has for 50-years functioned as protection for “minority” communities. Let us understand the nature of this double-standard. Charter Rights have never applied to Caucasians. Based on historic demographics, it was never a necessity. 50-years of mass immigration has transformed our society. In the name of the “progressivism”  advanced by government, white Canadians deserve a right to Charter protections.

Extent to which Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Liberal Cabinet and Caucus members recognise this need? Start at zero, and don’t give up till you arrive at nothing. The outcome being what not a single Canadian journalist dare speak of: an inversion of Canada’s social order.

Our prime minister couldn’t give a damn. The fact that immigration policy has transformed the fabric of society is meaningless. Witness as the “progressive” one fails to recognize a fundamental of social progress. After coining the term “systemic racism” in 2016, the phenomenon is welcomed when applied to Anglo-Canadians.

A federally funded Canada Research Chair program, doling out “$300 million every year to 2,000 academics, adheres to an identity quota system. Universities risk losing funding for positions if they haven’t hired the designated number of research chairs by 2029 in each identity category– women, visible minorities, Indigenous people and people with disabilities.”

Talk about playing hard-ball. Do what the Liberal government demand, or lose the funding.

“As a result, some resumes are going straight into the trash.”

Let us all take a wild guess at the criterion disqualifying a citizen from employment opportunities. Look no further than skin colour. Then, check sexual identity. If these institutionalized standards are not met, the Liberals cut off funding. In the academic world, they call this “social equality.” In the political realm, it’s referred to as “multiculturalism” or “diversity.” In the real world, it is called racism.

In this regard, they’ve only just begun. How do we know it to be true? In the same way it was understood in mid-20th century Europe. As comprehended by the proletariat in the former Soviet Union, and the peasant class in Mao Tse Tung’s China: because it is the law.

“The Canada Research Chair program is doing this because of a Federal Court order that requires research appointments to reflect the Canadian population by 2029.”

Government preference based on racial and ethnic identity. Welcome to “sunny ways” Canada. In truth, not a single citizen should be surprised. Justin Trudeau was never assigned to run or manage our nation– he has been appointed to transform our country.

Punitive measures based on racial identity are now a standard in Canadian society. Government, media and academia have a name for this: they call it “equality.”

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  1. I was born and raised in a group that nor only claims to be “Christian” but claims to be the only “Christians” on earth. From childhood I was taught English words common to historical Christianity, that were first emptied of their historical meaning and stuffed full of different meaning that was exclusive to that group. However, the teachers in that group frequently claimed to be preaching “the gospel” but never defined the word “gospel” in words – instead they stuffed that emptied word with the meaning “our method of preaching”. So I was puzzled at how that made any sense at all – a “gospel” that meant “our method” but delivered so many rules that a kid could only lay on his/her bed and read the Bible – no sports, no association with outsiders (no friends) etc. etc. etc. And when I asked the teachers “What is the gospel,” in chorus they replied “the gospel is the good news.” And then I wondered what was good news about oppressed youth. Eventually the continued senselessness of the group’s teachings and my adherence to every rule but in protest, led me to the exit door by the time I became a teenager.

    I tell you these details so that you might gain the vision I see of the Trudeau government today. Trudeau preaches “racist” of a large mix of races that hug each other in protest of vaccine mandates – so Trudeau is emptying out the previous meaning of “racist” and stuffing it full of nonsense – just like those preachers did to me in childhood. And I ain’t biting the bait because I recognize the life-destroying hook that is buried in it.

    The group I was born and raised in taught their youth that schooling was unnecessary because the youth would (of course) all be the new generation of its teachers soon – so that group is perhaps the most uneducated group on planet Earth these days. And I cannot help myself for wondering if Trudeau took lessons from it old teachers – laugh with me because otherwise all Canadians might become thoroughly confused and depressed by the same type of oppression under Trudeau that I left behind me many years ago. Due to the vision of this government that I recognized from childhood experience, I refused to start keeping the governments COVID rules as soon as the government initiated those rules – I refuse to be forced into keeping ridiculous rules, especially when those rules ignore the health risks that the Trudeau mandated.

    I watched Trudeau’s videoed record of HIS shot, and saw with my own eyes that HIS shot was not properly administered. So it would not matter WHAT was in the injection he appeared to get – likely just saline so as not to get air in his blood.

    Canadians, if they wanna, must learn English all over again from Trudeau – or ignore him entirely because he clearly does not speak English very well. And I suspect he is also speaking his own redefined French too.


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