Universities Demand Mandatory “ANTI-ENGLISH CANADA” Indoctrination Education

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“An online petition started by a Ryerson University student calling for a course on race and ethnicity in Ontario high schools has garnered about 40,000 signatures in less than a week.”

“Our current primary and secondary education programs do not address the existence of racism in Canada in the past and in the present,” the petition reads.

“Without educating students on the full extent of the history of racism and cultural assimilation in the past, we are perpetuating a continual cycle of colonialism today.”

Parnika Raj, who just completed her third year of media studies at Ryerson, says she wasn’t expecting to collect so many signatures so quickly.

Parnika Raj is pleased–yet surprised–that so many young folk want to sign up for “educational” courses that will teach students in Canada to hate our country. Or perhaps not “our country” as a whole.

More realistically, the teachings will no doubt carry on with Canada’s new found national identity as an Anglophone-hating country. This will payback the descendants of those who founded Canada by placing Anglo-Europeans in the social doghouse they believe our communities belong in.

How fortunate for them a number of leading institutions within society agree:

— The Trudeau government, for one. CBC for two. CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star for certain. McGill University, York, Ryerson, U of T, Dalhousie and every other so-called “Canadian” institution of higher learning.

Add to this every major business corporation in Canada. Sprinkle on top with MP Ahmed Hussen, MP Iqra Khalid and all other GTA Globalist-3rd World MPs. Garnish with Canadian mayors, City Councillors, Health Authorities and Legal Industry.

For CAP, this is what our communities are up against. Anyone else notice a perpetual “common theme” among this post-modern white-hating political industry?

Here it is: none of them–not one damn entity–has ever mentioned the name of the community RESPONSIBLE for Canada’s awful, evil, bigoted society:

Anglophone and European-Canadians. What’s up with this, fellow patriots?

Quick Answer: One HELL of alot–the very thing CBC is hiding away.

Someone–or some group of Canadians–must be responsible. Why can the Globalist-Liberal-3rd World haters continue to pursue our peoples damnation without anyone noticing the perpetrators of this “racism” are white Canadians?

Simple–because THEY CAN. This comes about when government and media maintain a symbiotic, communist-infused social dynamic.

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CAP Theory: Silence is “golden.” Not for Old Stock Canada–but for the myriad social forces now uniting into a single cohesive unit to trans-ition our communities to what CAP has coined “Second Nations” Canada.

In our opinion, this agenda is a railroading of white Canada into an eventual second-class status in Canada. CBC hide all this away for the benefit of those who hate our people.


“She says she learned about terms like “microaggressions” and “white fragility” in a race and ethnicity class in university, but realized not everyone may have the same understanding.”

White fragility, eh? Bollocks to you– Marxist brainwashed hater of Canada. CAP has not  speck of so-called “white fragility.”

CAP Theory: What we have here reminds this writer of the first “Planet Of The Apes” movie starring Charlton Heston in the 1970’s. In this film, roles are reversed, and the Apes control the mindless white people.

The treatment of these numb-skulls is experimental in nature. The creatures are thrown in cages, branded idiots, experimented upon, and abused. Such is the manner in which Ryerson Universityspeak of Anglophones and European-derived peoples.

All Canadians are to be indoctrinated–along with Trudeau’s preferred 3rd World communities–that we are mindless bigots who should be tossed about like the non-Ape citizens in this dystopian film.

That’s where they want us–and this is where we are heading by way of government, media and academia in Canada–something to be objectified and treated just one step up from farm animals.

Justin Trudeau agrees–so much so he is the leader of the movement. After all, our PM is not anAnglophone, so he comes out on the  winning end.

Now there is a topic so “near and dear” to the heart of Liberal-3rd World “Multicult” Canada– WINNING.

This is, in truth, what globalism, diversity, immigration, “refugee-ism” and multiculturalism are all about.

Canada is presently “at war”– while the battle is  tweaked by CBC and media to be a “non-event”within society.

Fellow patriots–do not fall for this. Government, media, Ryerson, Corporate Canada–none of their so-called “equality” agendas have even the most remote connection to true social equality within2020 Canada.

Rather, the goal is a comprehensive transfer of control from “community to community.” In order to achieve 3rd World political domination, Anglo-European Canadians must be transitioned into a powerless, demonized community.




3 thoughts on “Universities Demand Mandatory “ANTI-ENGLISH CANADA” Indoctrination Education”

  1. This is BS. You are living in an English speaking country. Who wants to hear that disgusting Arabic language?

  2. Good article. Non-White vs. White is the new “Class Struggle”. The Non-Whites of today are yesterday’s Proletariats (Lenin referred to them as “Useful Idiots”), and are merely tools to accomplish the agenda of the string pullers. The string pullers are deep into the process of fooling the “Have Nots” that they will become the “Haves”.. by looting and stealing the properties/possessions of the “Privileged”, and taking it for themselves. Too bad none of the Useful Idiots have ever studied or know anything about their future un a Communist regime, or understand that to the string-pullers, EVERYONE is expendable.


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