10 thoughts on “United Nations Demand Canada Import ISIS Killers and Rapists”

  1. Trudeau has to be stopped one way or another…he should be in jail for stealing people’s money only to benefit him..he is a greedy bastard and there are no words to make him look good,,,all words to describe him are evil, satanic, barbarian, liar, cheater, groper, greedy for himself, uses Canada’s money to support hid wild ideas and his evil friends across the sea…

  2. The UN needs to be dismanteled, or at least let it go broke, Turdeau needs to be voted out and Canada as a nation must distance themselves from this corrupt establishment for the sake of our country

  3. Trudeau has done so much damage to Canada and to Canadians so far and now I am worried what he is going to do now to finish Canada off and his party members are allowing him to do terrible things to the country he is suppose to protect. I cannot believe that he is still doing things he should be in jail for treason.


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