Under Justin Trudeau Canadians Have Soured On Immigration Policy

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Canadians are becoming increasingly polarized over issues of race and immigration. According to a new survey,  the divide could be a MAJOR FACTOR in the next federal election.

A new EKOS poll  offers a snapshot of a country split both socially and politically. Roughly 40% of Canadians believe too many immigrants entering the country are not white — and according to the polling that number skyrockets among Conservative Party of Canada supporters.

What to make of this? Cultural Action Party of Canada believe Justin Trudeau to be the most divisive prime minister in Canadian history. His recklessness– never more apparent than a random tweet inviting illegal migrants to Canada– has profoundly impacted the social condition of our nation.

Simply put, Justin Trudeau PLAYS FAVOURITES–most of which involve smaller segments of society– LGBT, Islam, Sikhism– while demeaning the larger Old Stock Canadian community. As a result, Canadians are ANGRY. And they are taking it out on immigration policy. 

Within politically correct Canada, any and all push-back against immigration quotas is perceived as an act of racism. Why wouldn’t be? This is what Trudeau claims it is–along with his pit bull refugee-pushing immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen. M103 founder MP Iqra Khalid agrees.

But is this truly the case? Immigration policy is just that– A POLICY.  Britain and USA rank in the top ten of source nations for migrants to Canada. What Canadians are really objecting to more than anything is a LOSS of Canadian identity. And the informed ones understand Trudeau is AT THE HELM of the movement.

Like his dad before him, Justin has been under the illusion HE OWNS CANADA. This is what megalomaniacs do. This is not democracy. Canadian governance informs us  the role of government is to work on behalf of the MAJORITY. Indeed, Pierre Trudeau all but decimated this concept when he UNILATERALLY– as in without public input– integrated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms into our constitution. 

Since this time, Canada has shifted to a nation controlled by special interest groups, their lawyers and judges– all of whom adhere to the false Liberalism of Trudeau-led governments. 

After nearly four years of the tedium Justin Trudeau has delivered regarding diversity and its so-called strength– not to mention the elevation of Third World communities to the pinnacle of the social food chain, old school Canadians are SICK AND TIRED of the whole affair. Who– other than government, media and our socialist academic world–can blame them?

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