UNB Professor Ricardo Duchesne: Free to speak … at what cost?

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In conservative-leaning journals, a “Eurocentric” blog, and his own book, he advances perspectives he has developed over his 20 years as a professor: that Western civilization is responsible for most of what is great in the world, and that multiculturalism can “dilute” that greatness.

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1 thought on “UNB Professor Ricardo Duchesne: Free to speak … at what cost?”

  1. What Ricardo Desheyne says about multiculturalism “diluting” the western civilization is true. Look how just recently the Niqab, which is not a religious practice but rather a symbol of radicalization, is now being recognized as a part of our Charter. Look at how a Chinese language has become prominent in a community which once was dominated by “westerners” whose languages were one of Canada’s official languages but not anymore.


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