U.S. Senator Will Introduce Legislation Offering Asylum To Canadian Truckers

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United States Senator Yvette Herrell has  compared PM Justin Trudeau’s  handling of vaccine mandate protesters to “an authoritarian regime like Venezuela.” Ms. Herrell, a Republican, has stated she will introduce legislation to temporarily grant asylum to Canadians protesting vaccine requirements.

Justin Trudeau’s heavy-handed crackdown against peaceful protesters in Canada is not the action of a Western Democracy, but that of an authoritarian regime like Venezuela, the first-term congresswoman tweeted this week.

And here political observers believed the extent of unprecedented developments in Canada may have reached its peak. It is not the case. What a piece of irony it is. Canada– bastion of asylum intake for the troubled of the world has been reduced to a society in need of political asylum.

For Cultural Action Party, the development is a thing of beauty. For 98% of Canadians,  likely it is they will never know about it– because our media won’t present it to them.

Nor will the press express this piece a reality: this situation has been created Justin Trudeau, along with a cabal of what World Economic Federation CEO Klaus Schwab calls his “young global leaders.”

“We are very proud of the young generation like Justin Trudeau. I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau and I know that half of his cabinet are from Young Global Leaders.”

Reacting to Trudeau’s crackdown on protestors from the Freedom Truckers Convoy, Sen. Yvette Herrell says the United States should provide asylum “for truckers who have been subjected to violence, had their property confiscated, and their bank accounts frozen by a government that is quickly becoming the embarrassment of the free world.”

All of it part of a process. First, Justin Trudeau becomes an embarrassment to common sense Canadians. Next, legacy media spin the tale on the donkey to keep the majority of citizens in the dark.

Eventually, no less a government than that of the United States become aware of what is going on. Those outside the spectrum of woke warriors in America begin to expose Trudeau for what he is: a tyrant dressed up as a promoter of social equality.

Ms. Herrell added in a third tweet that she will introduce legislation related to granting asylum to the Canadian protesters “being persecuted by their own government.”

Thereby crystalizing a message of profundity. It is within autocratic societies that government persecute their citizens. It is under the power of political despots which it occurs. Translation: Justin Trudeau is a persecuting political despot.

As with historical characters of this nature, the target retains a specific identity. Under Trudeau, it is a community he disliked from day one. They consist of what former Conservative PM Stephen Harper called “Old Stock” Canadians.

Conservatives, Westerners, Anglophones, Christians, Pro-Lifers, Anti-Abortionists. Also known as working class Canadians, from which the Trucker protestors derive.

For these folks, Justin Trudeau has nothing but scorn. This has now culminated in his condescension for those who maintain a consistent behaviour: they do not vote for the Liberal Party of Canada.

As such, these people have been relegated to the location where any pseudo-dictator would place them: as a nemesis of society. U. S. Senator Yvette Herrell is not the only one who has acknowledged this transformation.

She is, however, the first to offer any form of solution. For doing so, she becomes a hero in the books of Canadians opposed to the neo-dictatorial regime of Justin Trudeau.

22 thoughts on “U.S. Senator Will Introduce Legislation Offering Asylum To Canadian Truckers”

    • I suggest if you’re planning to come to the USA that you are going to a state that is run by Republicans or just come to Florida where thanks to our Governor DeSantis we are one of the only free states left🙏🏻💯❤ Good luck to you all and may God Bless you all in your decisions!

  1. I would love to live in a republican state, I fear for the safety of my children and myself here in Canada. It’s only getting worse.

  2. I think we should have a “citizen exchange program”. All Canadians who loves democracy and freedom can move to American, while all the left wing extremists from the states who hate western society, free speech and traditionally values, they can move to Canada.

    Then sit back and watch canada collapse into a smoldering pile of socialist idealism. Imagine a country, completely comprised of leftist. Who would they blame? Who would work? If everyone’s just sitting around, being “woke” all day, would anything ever get done?

    I think it would be a fun experiment. “Woke canada” would work, in the same sense that Quebec could separate successfully, as long as canada and France are willing to support it like we currently do with third world countries…

  3. You are an amazing person for doing this Yvette. I would love to work and pay taxes in a state that shares respect for its citizens and guests ❤️

  4. We are fearful now of the repercussions that we have been warned that will happen to anyone who aided the truckers, i.e. through GiveSendGo Adopt a Trucker. Our future does not look good. We hope so much that asylum in the US becomes a possibility for us and our children/grandchildren. Thank you so very much for even thinking about us.

  5. Is asylum granted in Florida from Canada? Trudeau is trying to pass up to 9 legislations that are very dangerous. 😱😭 We need somewhere safe to go please!


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