U.S. Senator Equates Trudeau’s Treatment of Christians With Oppression In Communist China

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An interesting political trend has surfaced in the past several weeks. As Cultural Action Party referenced in a recent article entitled “U.S. Lawmakers Pass Bill Investigating Trudeau Government-China Relations,”  authorities in the United States are beginning to question Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s political methodologies:

“The White House will have 90 days to publish a strategy explaining where it agrees and disagrees with Canada on China issues.”

The American bill focuses on core issues in terms of the Trudeau government’s relationship with China. Trade, cyber-security, Huawei, 5G networks, mineral resources, defence, the Arctic, global institutions, organized crime, as well as the spread of authoritarian government.

In other words, the USA may well be tuning in to what Canadian media have tuned out: Justin Trudeau’s loyalties are the most odd-ball of any national leader in history.

Turning to the topic of religion, Canada’s True North News are reporting that “arrests of Canadian pastors and state-ordered church shutdowns have motivated an American senator to call for Canada  to be included on the US Commission on International Religious Freedom watchlist.”

This is, in truth, a  monumental development. Fortunately for Justin Trudeau and his perpetual lead in the polls, he can rest easy because our media will bury this story six feet under domestic soil.

Simply stated, these accusations are of the type directed toward communist regimes. It appears a U.S. Senator agrees: Republican Senator Josh Hawley urged the commission to investigate what he calls systematic violations of rights by Canadian authorities.”

CAP appreciate the Senator’s choice of words–“systemic”— as in, of the variety political leaders  Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh claim to be infused within Canadian society.

“I am troubled that our Canadian neighbours are effectively being forced to gather in secret, undisclosed locations to exercise their basic freedom to worship,” wrote Hawley. 

Ringing any bells? “Secret, disclosed locations”–just as Christians are forced to do in communist China. CBC say nothing. Globe & Mail are too dim to make the connection.

“Frankly, I would expect this sort of religious crackdown in Communist China, not in a prominent Western nation like Canada.”

“Canadian authorities’ arrest of faith leaders and seizure of church property, among other enforcement actions, appear to constitute systematic, ongoing, and egregious violations of religious freedom.”

There you have it. For everyone that reads True North News, and several other alternate news organizations in Canada. Chances of finding this information in establishment publications? Blink, and you missed it–because it will not occur.

The messaging here is direct, and profound: the government of Canada is treating Christian Canadians in a manner similar to that which exists in communist China.

Some may recall CAP’s decree in this regard: Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are not so much working with the Chinese government as they are emulating the government of China. Creeping communism is the name of the game–an incremental, systemic agenda for the transference of governance from democracy to dictatorship.

Now, American authorities are beginning to wake up and smell the red roses. The day will also arrive for the people of Canada– the moment of discovery being one minute past the point which anything can be done to prevent Justin Trudeau’s “Quiet Revolution.”

With files from True North News

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

7 thoughts on “U.S. Senator Equates Trudeau’s Treatment of Christians With Oppression In Communist China”

  1. The American Government and their security po[eople had better take a damn close look at Bill C-10 and C-36, as those Bills will have a direct effect on their relations with Trudeau’s Communist China Canada.
    Commie soldiers training in BC? Commie military Brass being shown Canadian military winter exercises?

    We in the West had better get our shit together and get to be close friends with the Americans damn quick or we will have Commie military in every RCMP Detachment. Like the Liberal Residential school kids disappearing, the same will be happening to Canadians. The Liberals have experience in hatred of real Canadians.

    The BC Governments have been under the influence of the Gooks for many years, enabling Vancouver to become one of the money laundering world hotspots.

    Make sure you lose your firearms in the lake when you were fishing, and hide the ammo. We are going to need them on the way to separation.

    This web site will be monitored.

  2. So, in Canadian society, we have ( had ) religious freedom to practice the faith of our choice without government interference!

    Works for Sikhs and Muslims does it not?
    These other faiths have their followers enjoy such a freedom – isn’t that why they’ve come to Canada?

    You’d think that Muslims and Sikhs would be alarmed at the Liberal government’s onslaughts and infringements against Christianity!
    Seeing, maybe, that one day it could be their faith’s turn at such organized suppression and repression. Not a word from any of them speaks to a mindset in agreement with Canadian government policies!

    No, it takes a US Senator to point out this oppression and similarities to that of China’s treatment of Christians.

  3. Please help us
    With no freedom of speech we are doomed and a $20,000 to $50,000 fine if speaking out. We need big help

  4. Without alternate media sources–We’d be in the dark. I hope the American government also takes a look into the past goings-on at the Winnipeg lab. Did the “Wuhan” virus actually originate in a Winnipeg virology lab, and hitch a ride back to China–In a Chinese scientists suitcase?

    (Imagine Trudeau’s “government” giving two(?) Chinese scientists full access/security clearance to a high level; lethal virology lab.) It beggars belief. I’m very grateful for our fearless Alternate News sources. The Chinese style evil that transpires here–makes it onto the US “must watch” Tucker Carlson show. I’m certain that Fox News–for one–monitors True North/Rebel/CAP/et al. Which brings me to my final point: As Del wrote; Bills C-10 and 36 had better come under close American scrutiny.

    If these Bills become law–We’re done. Where will we get real news?????? Canada ceased being a Western ally in 2015. Who can trust us? One final point….Bill C-36 permits the accuser to remain anonymous. File a “he MAY hurt my feelings” accusation before a judge. If it comes to “trial;” and the judge agrees w/ the accuser–The poor sap who has been accused will get ZERO chance to face/question the complainant.

    Guilty!! Pay the complainant $10,000. Pay the Turdo government “Receiver General” between $25 thousand and 50 thousand dollars. Welcome to Bananada. My heavens; what a flatulent joke of a country this has become. What will the next five years look like??

  5. Justin trudeau is no longer in his right mind. With these bills that outlaws free speech, he and his henchman are just wondering if Canadians are paying attention so perhaps they can slip in something we won’t notice. The only choice to vote Trudeau out of office so he may return to acting.


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