U.S. Lawmakers Table Bill To Prevent Trudeau-Style Authoritarian Crackdown

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Although they didn’t originate the term, Canada’s Liberal government have redefined the phrase more to the story than meets the eye.” A rarity it is to uncover a decision made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau devoid of stealth and subterfuge.

A recent example arrived via government’s response to the Ottawa Truckers Convoy. Most Canadians are familiar with one ramification– a freezing of bank accounts as punitive measures against organizers and participants.

Behind the surface is found unexplored territory of government overreach. So much so that lawmakers in the United States want to protect American citizens from the neo-communist crackdowns occuring in Canada.

We enter the world of cryptocurrencies. A fundamental of this monetary system has planted a bug in systems of government. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin fall outside the parameters of federal government control. While the details escape general society, power players in our political arena are gunning for change. The phenomenon is anathema to Trudeau and the Liberals.

“Banks investigated the accounts of anyone identified by the [Liberal] government as being a participant or a donor and froze them, all without warrants or court approval. This was a manifestation of expanding state power, which would have been unimaginable just a couple of years ago in a democracy.”

Right–in other words, a form of authoritarianism has taken root in Canadian soil. Media say nothing of the sort.

“Trudeau’s move to cut off the truckers’ money, aided and abetted by the banking system, was extraordinary.”

In the United States was it extraordinary. In Canada, media are paid by government to present the extraordinary as ordinary. Such divergence in media presentation says more than a Canadian will ever know. Literally, that is. In 2022, government are paying media to maintain a firewall around news presentation. It is the way the press function in China, and Trudeau wants this for Canada.

“U.S. Representative Warren Davidson’s bill protects the right to self-store digital assets and blocks any law or regulation that mandates third-party custody.”

Hyperbole does not apply when we state that this issue is a giant. Canadians can bet their bottom tax dollar no federal Canadian party will entertain this form of legislation. Meaning that the Trudeau government are in the process of institutionalizing the greatest piece of financial overreach in modern history. On instruction from government, Canadian banks maintain the right to seize funds in private citizen’s bank accounts at will.

While some believe that social harmony was the stimulus for the Emergencies Act, an ulterior motive exists. If one believes this to be the end-game in the process, they best think again. What may exist at the core of the matter is found in the realm of Digital Currency, and its relationship to Universal Basic Income.

On December 16, 2021 MP Leah Gazan introduced Bill C-223, which if passed, would establish the first national framework for a Guaranteed Basic Income in Canada. The same text was introduced as Senate Bill S-233 by Senator Kim Pate — a coordinated effort from within the House of Commons and the Senate for Basic Income.

Who doesn’t like free money? While positioned as an act of altruism, negative repercussions exist in the shadows. We have here a potential set-up for replication of China’s Social Credit system in Canada. UBI is distributed via digital currency. To get paid, a Canadian must have a Digital ID.

A work of Liberal-Globalist art it is. Feigning altruism for Canada’s poor, society transitions to one in which citizens are tracked and rated according to a Social Credit system– as it is in China.

“The Chinese government is actively shaping citizens’ behaviour using the threat of technology-enabled blacklists, and it’s enlisting the private sector to help turn rulebreakers into virtual second-class citizens.”

Ringing any bells, fellow patriots? Is this not the exact outcome for Trucker Convoy participants? No wonder politicians in the United States want to nip this in the bud. No government overreach into private financial affairs of private citizens.

In Canada, not so much. In fact, likely not at all. Thus it is that Justin Trudeau paves a path for implementation of the deepest desires of the World Economic Forum:

“Innovations in technology are driving rapid development of new forms of money. The way global leaders from public and private sectors develop, coordinate and regulate such digital currencies will have profound implications on society’s capacity to harness their benefits.”

“Two distinct forms of digital currency – central bank digital currency (CBDC) and stablecoins” – have caught the attention of policy-makers and the private sector in recent years.”

A light bulb moment occurs as we come to understand the true motive behind Trudeau’s personal bank account seizures. As it always is with nefarious globalist policy, the move is an incremental step in a covert long-term plan.

We attempt to establish the “bottom line.” It is, in fact, the very same as what Cultural Action Party stated the moment that Justin Trudeau became prime minister:

Canada is being incrementally transitioned into a socialist state. It is a calculated and pre-determined agenda. Justin Trudeau has been assigned to fulfill the goal, and despite all his bumblings, he continues to deliver the goods as ordered.

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  1. Justin Trudeau needs to be removed from the People’s Parliament Building and his Liberal Party. He definitely hates Canadians. Do the honorable thing…step down. All evil people will pay very Big someday soon 🙏🏻

    • He definitely needs to step down. Just spent taxpayers money once again to take the bobble heads of his to Ukraine. Christia actually bragged about having dinner with the German treasurer in order to ask question and learn. What a joke. They were an embarrassment to Canada.r

    • I think he will have to be dragged out of office “kicking and screaming” he is nothing less than a crazy tyrant . He will never step down

  2. You will say Hitler was a monster and Trudeau is not, in the beginning he wasn’t a monster, either. In fact he was Time’s man of the year.

  3. I always look forward to your articles, Brad. I was wondering if you could suggest an article for me which could help me understand cryptocurrency. You have my email. Thank you so much!

  4. I worked as a government employee for many years. And many years ago my government bosses took a personale dislike for me. I made a mistake when I accepted election to the government Union’s Occupational Heath and Safety Committee, and I insisted that the employer abide by Safety Regulations. So not only did I find myself an enemy of state – but an enemy of the Union and the Workers Compensation Board too. The top Union rep actually accused me of expecting the officials to be truthful, as if that expectation is a big problem.

    It was no secret that in elections candidates spoke whatever they thought the voters wanted to hear, then as soon as elected they did whatever they pleased until just a bit prior to the next election, when they again spoke a line of promises they figured the voters wanted to hear. I cannot remember an election in which the elected was truthful in a campaign.

    It is no surprise to me to see the current Prime Minister doing the same as officials have done historically in what they call a “democracy.” And let me say that I have always lived as a freeman in the middle of the historical dictatorship in Canada – especially now that campaigns are video-recorded in almost every word they speak. But freedom by quotation no longer works as the officials do not even bear red faces in telling more tales to excuse their past lies.

    The Safety Regulations, Collective Agreements, campaign speeches and about anything official one takes a look at are jam-packed with, at best, deceptive ambiguity. The common citizen is believed to be too stupid to catch on. And guess what, Canada’s education system has always been under government control. So the common citizen was taught to be stupid, but in many cases they are not stupid after all, just powerless – until there is a peaceful Freedom Convoy democratic protest to be beaten and shot by government’s police in order to crush it. What’s new?

  5. The leaders of countries look insane on a global scale:

    the evidence:
    Australia’s govt head is now pounding out what a nice place Australia is to come visit!!! The global news showed the world just how ‘nice’ he treats his own citizens, never mind visitors. The idiotic ‘vaccine’ mandates have crippled Australian tourism – or so he claims – but wait a minute – did he expect tourists to come to a prison island? Not likely – so he knew BEFORE he pushed the ‘mandates’ that it WOULD cripple tourism – and I doubt that he is as stupid as he evidently thinks tourists are – he PLANNED to cripple Australian tourism, if not the whole economy, just as the PM of Canada and the Presidink of the USA and every other leader of countries that pushed a USELESS ‘vaccine’ that does NOTHING to stop getting the ‘pandemic’ or spread it.

    • Speaking of tourism in Australia and current indication of how stupid Australian officials in particular think tourists are – we went for a holiday in Australia in 1984. The country I saw was indeed lovely to see as we drove from landing point Sydney zig zag style to Melbourne. My favorite town along that route was Cooma, an antique town in which the best hotel we could find was so old it was falling apart but was in restoration mode as the owner made enough money to do the restorations in the same building style as the original. He was doing a very fine job of it too. Breakfast came with the room rent of $18 per night and that was the first time I ever saw very lean bacon three inches wide and at least ten inches long, cooked. But we only stayed the night and were on the road again after breakfast.

      We did not take time along the route to try to meet Australians. As it was, the trip one way took six days.

      Once in Melbourne, I was introduced to the ‘best’ black opal dealer having the idea of purchasing raw opal to bring home to cut to jem, sell and pay for our trip. I soon dismissed the idea out of hand as the dealer bragged about selling opals to the Canadian government delegation of 11 officials and their families who had recently been in Melbourne. He said every one of them bought opals from him, and I replied that when I got back to America, on his word, I would see if I could investigate and learn whether they bought opals from him with their own money or tax payers’ money. He immediately went completely silent on me and so I turned and walked. I did learn that the Canadian government delegation stayed in the most expensive hotel in Melbourne and had a waiting limo at the hotel for their transport. I was impressed – I’m sure Canadian tax payers would be as impressed too.

      The thing I noticed about being a tourist was that on Sundays tourists had to settle for junk food because only junk food places were open. In fact, it seemed that on Sundays the big cities rolled up their sidewalks on tourists. The next thing I noticed was the proprietor in a little cafe’ that took personal offence when an aged man who was having stomach difficulties asked for a glass of milk, knowing that every time he asked for milk anywhere he always got milk that was not cold, so he asked for a “good cold glass of milk.” And that is what the proprietor took offence to, as he almost yelled at us, “I don’t know where you come from mister but don’t you have “good” milk where you come from?” We just excused ourselves and walked out.

      We were a week in Melbourne, so entertainments were possible. Just down the street from our hotel there was a club that featured live music, a dance floor and food if the patrons wanted to eat – for the price of their drinks. There I met friendly people from all over the world, but not any Australians. There were Australians there, but trying to chat with them always turned out to be a one side brag show. In fact, we were invited to a Casino by some relatives. There I chatted with an Australian who asked me what I did for fun at home. I replied that I had taken up Gold panning. He immediately suggested that he and I rent a 4×4 the next day to go “out back” where we could pick up gold nuggets the size of baseballs off the middle of the road. Evidently it is not just Australian officials who think tourists are stupid. And back at my hotel room I took a look in the desk drawer and found an official letter asking tourists to please excuse Australians for their rudeness.

      I loved the country, but I can tell you that if I ever visit Australia again, which is not likely, I will be a tourist on one of their 4×4 bus tours which cover half of Australia over a month on the road – it will not be to meet friendly Australians. When we got back to Sydney from Melbourne we had a week of our month left. While in Melbourne I had heard so much about the Great White shark at the aquarium in Sydney that I headed out to find the aquarium by asking directions. When I got to the aquarium I hunted and hunted for the Great White but could not find it. So I asked and was told, “We got rid of it several years ago.” So I enjoyed my time on Manley Beach soaking up the sun. While I did that a child entered the water and immediately began to scream in agony. I learned from that child’s misery that the “Blue Bottles” had invaded that beach.

      By contrast, in 1975 I went to Malta. And it was like a very happy party with guitar playing and very humorous group folksinging (translated into English if English are present) long into the night every night. There I learned of “im har” (phonetic spelling) which are like sand dollars but about a half inch in diameter. These can be plucked off the stones that are the water edge of beaches, and they are edible raw, quite tasty in fact. When I got home I had a whole group of Maltese friends in Malta to correspond with. Some are still my friends today.


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