U.S. Govt Working To Free Imprisoned Canadians In China, Trudeau Sits Idle

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US Vice-President Mike Pence recently met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. During the meeting, Trudeau brought up the plight of two Canadians held in Chinese prison.  Beijing detained ex-diplomat Michael Kovrig and entrepreneur Michael Spavor on December 10 in an apparent attempt to pressure Canada to release Chinese Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou. She was arrested on December 1 in Canada at the request of US authorities.

According to CTV News, “Nobody in the Chinese government wants to meet with a Canadian minister or special envoy — even if the prime minister were to phone Chinese President Xi Jinping, he would not take the call,” said Former Canadian Ambassador to China, Guy Saint-Jacques.

Talk about ineffective. Did you know? Justin Trudeau has not issued a statement which directly and in no uncertain terms tells the government of China to release the two Canadians currently sitting in prison in China.  Yes, he has general statements in support of the release of the men, but nothing which explicitly demands they be released from prison and returned to Canada.

This is the kind of national leader Trudeau is. First, he wouldn’t pick up the phone and call President Xi Jinping  directly. Then China informed the Trudeau government they would not speak to Foreign Affairs Minister, Chrystia Freeland. Now, we come to understand they will not take a call from our prime minister. 

China, India, Philippines, Saudi Arabia. The government’s of all these nations(and many others) dislike Justin Trudeau. It is worth nothing that these nations are all on Trudeau’s bucket list of pandering designated countries. How ironic

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One vital element of the situation remains underplayed by establishment media in Canada–these boys are on DEATH ROW. Notice how media barely if ever mention this piece of “insignificance” in their reporting. Naturally, this detracts from the potency of the story. It also minimizes the incompetence of Mr. Trudeau.

End result: Two Canadians are possibly going to be executed by the communist government of China, and Trudeau CANNOT DO a damn thing about it. As informed Canada should recall, soon after Trudeau was elected he was asked to name a country he admires. Justin selected China-– a country with an abysmal humans rights record, and one which persecutes both Christians and Muslims. What an odd-ball choice.

Of course, Justin Trudeau is the odd-ball prime minister of the century. It is all but impossible to figure out who he is working for. CAP would guess the United Nations, the geo-political element of Islam, as well as the international banking cartel of billionaire George Soros.

But NOT the people of Canada. The only Canadians who fall under the Trudeau umbrella are migrants and refugees from the Third World. Anglophone and Christians, to the back of the bus, s’il vous plait. Justin’s new world order Canada has arrived, and for as long as Trudeau remains in politics, he will be working exclusively on their behalf.




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