U.S. Government Transition To Opposing Transgender Surgery For Minors

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June 28th, 2024: “The Biden administration said this week that it opposed gender-affirming surgery for minors, the most explicit statement to date on the subject from a president who has been a staunch supporter of transgender rights,” reported the New York Times.

In Canada, both government and media do not want citizens of our country to comprehend this development. The statement is a major move, to be sure. Yet, in this regard, one has to understand the way politics roll in PM Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” society.

Who can say exactly why Trudeau and his crew of woke Liberal “progressives” so adamantly desire an open market for Canadian youth to alter their sexual identity. Common sense indicates it’s one thing for a sexually mature adult to make the transition, and another for crossdressers in frilly frocks to read “Adam & Steve” to elementary grade school children.

Media and academia in Canada refuse to differentiate the circumstances. Why this is the case is difficult to discern. Countless studies contain information on the ill-effects of trans-surgery for minors, be it increased chances of contracting cancer, through to a lifetime of psychological problems, played out within a growing movement under the umbrella of “transgender regret.”

Now, even uber-liberal Joe Biden, president of the United States of America, has joined those who oppose the bastardization of gender within western society. Still, Biden is far from perfect on the file. On February 13, 2021, President Biden  nominated a creepy character named Rachel Levine to serve as Assistant Secretary for Health.

“The White House announcement was sent to The New York Times on Wednesday in response to an article reporting that staff in the office of Adm. Rachel Levine, an assistant secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services, had urged an influential international transgender health organization to remove age minimums for surgery from its treatment guidelines for minors.”

“The draft guidelines would have lowered the age minimums to 14 for hormonal treatments, 15 for mastectomies, 16 for breast augmentation or facial surgeries, and 17 for genital surgeries or hysterectomies.”

Parents both north and south of the border need to become aware of this breed of “Liberal.” Canada has them too, personified by MPs dedicated to infusing the trans-experience into primary social institutions such as the military and RCMP.

How many Canadians can name the number of American states that have passed legislation to ban sex-change surgery for youth? CAP venture to guess those in the know is minimal, for good reason. CBC, CTV, Global News, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail. All refuse to spill-the-beans on the anti-trans backlash in the United States. Obviously, the press want what the Trudeau government want.

As of June 24th, 2024, a total of 25 states now have restrictions on gender-affirming care. That’s nearly half of them. On this basis, Canadian parents deserve to know what’s going on. Due to government-media collusion, they don’t.

Trans-happy is the Trudeau government. As are Canada’s legal industry, who make big money from LGBT activism and it’s extension to court systems in our country.

July 3th, 2024: “A U.S. judge blocked the Biden administration from enforcing a new rule against discrimination on the basis of gender identity in healthcare while he hears a lawsuit challenging it by 15 Republican-led states.”

“The rule was finalized in May, by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). It states that a federal prohibition on sex discrimination, part of the Affordable Care Act health insurance law, extends to discrimination against transgender people.”

In this is held one of the most impactful, yet poorly understood contemporary social phenomenons: when courts override governmental decisions. No Canadian pushed this forward more than ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau, who by way of his Charter of Rights and Freedoms(1982) transitioned power away from Parliament, and toward a cabal of leftist-liberal lawyers.

Media have never divulged a fundamental outcome of Charter Rights, the outcome of which was a society thrown off its democratic axis. The invocation of the Act resulted in the state-of-society we experience at present. One in which a social trend adopted by less than 1% of citizens(sex-change surgery) stands front-and centre in society. One in which politically-organized “special interest” and so-called minority communities came to lord it over the rest of us.

All this is a direct result of Canadian Liberal party politics– from Pierre Trudeau to Justin Trudeau, who placed the entire phenomenon on woke steroids.

Canada is “racist, bigoted, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic and genocidal.” What a way to “pay back” our citizenship for voting in his idiotic globalist pretensions. He’s an ungrateful bugger, to say the least.

“Adm. Levine shared her view with her staff that publishing the proposed lower ages for gender transition surgeries was not supported by science or research, and could lead to an onslaught of attacks on the transgender community.”

See the way trans-folk are pitched as a community of victims? Note its affinity with the left’s “racist accusation” agenda. Adding sexuality and gender to the mix, the left add political momentum to their ambitions— “victim culture” being an integral element of their political aspirations.

“The administration, which has been supportive of gender-affirming care for transgender youth, expressed opposition to surgeries for minors, not other treatments. The procedures are usually irreversible.”

Sounds pretty “cut and dried” to Cultural Action Party [est. 2016]. But not to worry, oh ye woke warriors of the leftist variety. You have Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government on  your side, in addition to all major media outlets. Add to it Canadian universities and their federally-funded grants, and you’re well on your way to the top of the political totem pole.

The left want your children, their arrogance reaching such lofty heights as demarcated by School Board Districts that claim to hold “jurisdiction” over Canadian children above and beyond parental rights.

Kids controlled by the state? That’s the way it is China. No wonder Justin Trudeau is all for it.

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  1. (1) ““The administration, which has been supportive of gender-affirming care for transgender youth, expressed opposition to surgeries…The procedures are usually irreversible.” Usually? Amputations are irreversible; unless one is a Sea Star. (Or living in Trudopia.)Trudeau has your back, and a spell casting shaman who will instantly regrow your missing organs.

    (2) After years of Trudeau’s “[White Canadians are] “racist, bigoted, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic and genocidal.”–Here’s a Calgary crowd’s recent patriotic singing of “O Canada” that would instantly kill Trudeau. Begins at the five minute mark. https://youtu.be/PiS5Me89rl8?si=gtp0S5w4tisIa7jQ


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