U.S., Australia, New Zealand Divest From China While Canada Dithers

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“In a sign of growing strains between the world’s two biggest powers, President Joe Biden signed an executive order that would block and regulate high-tech U.S.-based investments going toward China.”

“It covers advanced computer chips, micro electronics, quantum information technologies and artificial intelligence.”

It’s a long, long way from Washington to Ottawa, Canada. We refer not to distance in miles or kilometers, but rather within the spectrum of legislative policy.

While the United States and other Western nations have taken measures  to redesign their supply chains away from China, the Liberal government of Canada has different ideas on the matter.

A Chinese-owned mine in Manitoba  which, until last year, was Canada’s only producer of lithium, continues to produce a concentrate of the metal needed to make batteries that power electric vehicles.

“Located about 160 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg, the Tantalum Mining Corp. of Canada Ltd., the Tanco mine as it’s known, has been owned by Sinomine Resource Group Co. Ltd., a Chinese public company, since 2019. It has been producing lithium since December 2021.”

Translation: In 2019, PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberals approved the sale of Canada’s premier lithium mine to the communist government of China.

Not only is this antithetical to the U.S. government’s China policy. Two of Canada’s Commonwealth partners, Australia and New Zealand, have followed suit.

“Australia has barred the takeover of financially stricken lithium miner Alita Resources by a China-linked company after advice from Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Board.”

Good for them. With closer geographic proximity to China than Canada, Australia is arguably the country most susceptible to Chinese geo-political domination.

Back in Canada, it’s unlikely Justin Trudeau gives a damn about divesting our nation from communist China. Exposure of alleged influence in the election of 11 federal ridings suggests that, in fact, our PM is indebted to China in a big way.

July 23rd, 2023: “The United States and Australia will deepen their military ties after reaching an agreement that expands their military cooperation as both countries work to deter China’s influence and territorial claims in the western Pacific.”

Enter the government of New Zealand. With Trudeau-like Jacinda Ardern out of the way, tables have turned in NZ’s approach to Chinese imperialism:

‘New Zealand Intelligence Report Accuses China Of  Foreign Interference’

August 11th, 2023: “In a declassified threat assessment report, the country’s spy agency, NZSIS, said there were foreign intelligence agencies who persistently conduct espionage operations against New Zealand.”

“The agency called for greater awareness in New Zealand about the threat of foreign spying and interference.”

After which we fantasize about a hypothetical headline on the front page of Canada’s Globe & Mail:

‘U.S., Australia, NZ Divest From China While Canada Dithers’

As if Trudeau and the Liberals would ever permit such wording within mainstream media dissemination in Canada. Just goes to show what can occur when government pumps billions of dollars each year into legacy media.

On the topic of media obfuscation, Cultural Action Party offer a zinger:

March 04, 2016: “The government of Canada has wound down its gold reserves to basically nothing Unlike other countries, Ottawa has been selling off its reserve of gold bullion and coins.”

According to the Department of Finance’s official international reserves data,  Canada’s gold reserves were down effectively to $0 as of the end of February, 2016.”

What’s up with this? Bucking a trend set by the world’s most powerful nations– accumulation of gold reserves– Justin Trudeau approved the sale of Canada’s Gold Reserves to the government of China.

He did so only months after achieving a position as prime minister of Canada. Could this have been done “in payback” for their government’s assistance in getting Mr. Trudeau “elected?”

It darn well could have happened. It makes sense. The manipulation of 11 federal ridings speaks to the power of the Chinese government to get their choice for prime minister into power.

All of which stand as a reason why Canadian media has never exposed the Trudeau-Liberal-China gold connection.

It is within this dynamic that concerned Canadians could come to a profound realization. In terms of a relationship between western democracies and China, Canada is an outlier. Our PM exists as an aberration in the goal of protectionism and sovereignty for our country.

Expose these ideas to 40 million Canadians, and let them judge for themselves. Say no-go to that one. It won’t happen, for one simple reason:

CBC, CTV, Global News, Montreal Gazette, Calgary Herald, Toronto Star–not one will explore any aspect of what is contained within. Not the Gold “heist,” and certainly not the unity of opposition to China currently being advanced by the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Canada under the control of the government of China? Did Justin Trudeau strike a deal with the behemoth nation in advance of Liberal Party victory in the fall of 2015?

“You help me become prime minister, and Canada’s gold reserves are yours.”

Sure, it’s a hypothetical. But the theory makes sense, and may well be the reason why media buried Canada’s critical minerals transition to the Chinese government.

Richard Fadden, head of CSIS from 2009-2013, told the Globe and Mail that the federal government should keep Canada’s national security interests in mind when examining the purchase.

“I think gold is pretty important for the world economy. China has enough of a grip on the world economy as it is, given its capital assets, so I would include gold.

Justin Trudeau wouldn’t. The closest thing Canada has had to a communist dictator continues to control our pseudo-democratic society.

What a coincidence that is, eh?

2 thoughts on “U.S., Australia, New Zealand Divest From China While Canada Dithers”

  1. Trudeau: The Midas touch pertaining to the CCP, and himself. The hand of death to Canada. Figuratively; Canada is no longer part of the Western family of nations. It’s an outlier; with an aberrant; China pleasing government. What’s good for common Canadian interests? Trudeau will always do the opposite. This poseur should be spending the rest of his miserable life making license plates. Instead; he’s the Joker sitting on the King’s throne. Giving away our kingdom to an avowed enemy. Piece; by piece.

    • He asked simply to be put on that very throne. The CCP delivered without hesitation. And he delivered all our gold to the CCP without hesitation.
      Once a lithium mine is built, it is permanent.


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