U.N. Council Seat, Spies On Trial: Does China HATE TRUDEAU As Much As Canadian Patriots?

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As CAP speak of incessantly, there is something entirely spurious regarding the relationship between  Justin Trudeau, his Liberals, and the communist government of China.

Here’s one dynamic never alluded to by Trudeau’s post-modern establishment media partners. No PM in history, save perhaps Pierre Trudeau, has behaved in the sycophantic manner Justin Trudeau has toward the behemoth communist nation.

Throughout Trudeau’s initial term as prime minister, 2015-2019, he played “beggar boy” to China’s government to perfection. Except, of course, the results proved to back-fire big-time.

CAP Conclusion: The government of China HATES Trudeau. This must suffice as the singular belief that China shares with CAP— we despise the man in no-uncertain terms.

Meanwhile, CBC bury the truth of the matter. Based upon several critical political issues, we draw this conclusion:

— The Huewei/Meng criminal case.

— The detainment and charge of spying for two Canadian citizens.

— The rejection of Mr. Trudeau for the recent United Nations Security Council Seat appointment. Trudeau’s total: 108 votes.

CAP believe it wise to recognize how media approaches this situation. As in, they never put the pieces of the puzzle together to inform Canadians of the overall, “high-level” situation. This is common regarding myriad issues relating to Trudeau’s screw-ups upon the world stage.

So does China hate Trudeau as much as common sense Canadians? Here we eschew the opinions of what is often referred to as Canada’s “Snowflake” community.

How to define? Try millions of Canadians of Anglophone, Francophone and European-heritage who agree with the PM Justin Trudeau-MP Ahmed Hussen program of national self-hatred. These folks continue to bash their “own kind”–while corresponding Sikh, Chinese, Muslim and other so-called “minorities”(this term should be retired–it is a political weapon) never follow suit.

Here’s the thing about this situation– Justin Trudeau is a hated man–both within Canada, and beyond. Now, all serious students of politics understand that a national leader is never liked by all citizens. Furthermore, hypocrisy is all but endemic to national politics.

But there is something entirely different about this Trudeau character in this regard. He is hated by millions within Canada, while being disliked by the governments of Saudi Arabia, China, India, as well as a number of African nations in which our PM funds illegal abortion by the billions.

So if this man is hated within and without Canada, how is it that he is so darn “popular?” This is where CAP smell “conspiracy.” Yet, perhaps the answer resides in something a bit more tangible.

CAP Theory: Justin Trudeau has utilized the Greater Toronto Area(GTA) to create a 3rd World-Liberal Party stronghold capable of winning federal elections.

Consider this– has CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, National Post or Calgary Herald ever published this list of Liberal MP winners in the 2019 federal election?

Liberal MP Winners in 2019:

Ahmed Hussen, Omar Alghabra, Marwan Tabbara, Zahed, Maryam Monsef, Majid Jowhari, Arif Virani, Navdeep Bains, Bardish Chagger, Yasmin Ratansi, Ramesh Sangha, Ruby Sahota, Ali Ehsassi, Randeep Sarai, Raj Sahani, Jag Sahota, Faycal El-Khoury, Anju Dhillon, Anita Anand, Zaid Aboultaif, Iqra Khalid, Kamal Khera, Sonia Sidhu, Sumeer Zubari, Ramesh Sanga , Kamal Khera, Maninder Sidhu, Darshan Kang, Sukh Dhaliwal, Harjeet Sajjan, Chandra Arya, Majid Jowhari, Ann Minh-Thu Quan, Mary Ng, Eva Nassif.

CAP believe the Liberal Party of Canada wish to extend this political dynamic throughout ALL of Canada. This way, a pseudo-dictatorship will be entrenched within society–the exact goal of Trudeau and his Liberal-3rd World Party of Canada.

Witness as Justin & Co.  both emulates and panders to China and other 3rd World nations. Then watch as said governments trans-ition from reasonable diplomatic relations to despising Canada’s “King of Kings.”

Witness as media never put this together for 37.8 million potential Canadian news readers to comprehend. That’s their job–and they live up to the task for everyday Mr. Trudeau remains prime minister of Canada.

So who supports Trudeau? How about all the 3rd World citizens  that voted in all those 3rd World MP’s? No wonder Trudeau and Somalian citizen MP Ahmed Hussen set up the largest 3rd World  immigration in-take program in Canadian history.

Justin Trudeau as a perpetual PM? This CAP brand “pseudo-communism.” Additionally, we label CBC and corporate media in Canada as pseudo-socialist entities.

This is the hidden circumstances surrounding the political hi-jacking of a dying democracy called Canada.


4 thoughts on “U.N. Council Seat, Spies On Trial: Does China HATE TRUDEAU As Much As Canadian Patriots?”

  1. No surprise that roxham road remaining open was such a priority during the covid scam. What are your views on section 27.5 of the usmca coming into effect on the first and do you think it will expose all these treasonous plots against us. We’re in a fight for our survival and thanks to the traitors in msm most people are oblivious

  2. Trudeau is a bad joke…..and I’m not laughing…..This idiot has a script for every statement he makes. and don’t interject with a question….he is totally unable to waiver from his prepared statements.


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