U.K.’s China approach has its critics, but some say Canada should take note

Mr. Trudeau has himself said little about how he intends to work with China. But Liberals have traditionally been close with Beijing, from Pierre Trudeau – criticized as “the Communists’ comrade” – to Jean Chrétien and his raucous Team Canada trips. And from the first days of the younger Trudeau’s tenure, China will demand attention. It is critical to two imminent policy decisions, on participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the commitments Canada is willing to bring to the Paris climate talks.

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One thought on “U.K.’s China approach has its critics, but some say Canada should take note

  1. As a Canadian I am disgusted that Canada has disregarded it’s principals for the sake of signing trade partnerships with countries such as China particularly given China’s reputation of disgusting human rights and environmental disregard. If tradition is any indication I don’t forsee any change with this relationship we have with China and see issues such as corruption, foreign ownership, Chinese language flourishing throughout various media becoming almost acceptable…..unless we fight back.

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