Two Muslim Teachers Fired In Quebec For Religious Head Scarf Issues

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Catherine Beauvais-St-Pierre, chairman of the Alliance des professeures et professeurs de Montréal, told reporters that the two Muslim teachers, whose names were withheld, were told by the school boards to “remove their headscarves or face dismissal.”

Speaking of the recent firing incidents, Jean-François Roberge, Minister of Education in Quebec, said that it is not a surprise since the ban is now a law and they are going to enforce it.

“Every school board has an obligation to enforce the law. Those who do not comply with the law may face a penalty. For those who do not want to face penalties, there is the option of removing their headscarves and doing their job,” he said.

“The proposal to ban such symbols was introduced in the Canadian province of Quebec last June and prohibited civil servants, teachers, nurses, bus drivers, lawyers and other people who interact with the public from wearing religious symbols while at work, including Sikh turbans, Christian jewelry and Jewish kippahs, but the focus of the controversy has been on headscarves worn by many Muslim women living in the province.”

The statement is made, yet with no explanation of why it is worse for Islam than all other religions. CAP offer a theory:

The reason that one specific religious community is special in this regard may not be related to the actual number of hijab-wearing muslimas in Canada. Who knows–there could be more turban-clad Sikh teachers than the hijab-wearers.

The reason for this dynamic has more to do with power, money and political pull within Islamic Canada. Informed Canadians must keep in mind that Justin Trudeau’s Canada offers these people a direct path to the PMO.

Let’s take the Liberal M103 “Islamophobia” motion as an example. The teachers are outraged. They and their hijabs pick up the phone and dial the creator of M103, a Pakistani half-citizen, MP Iqra Khalid. “It’s worse for us than for everyone else.” they exclaim in typical fashion.

Khalid nods in agreement. “I will give Canada’s Somalian-Islamic minister of immigration, MP Ahmed Hussen a call, as well as send an email to the co-founders of M103, the National Council Of Canadian Muslims. These folks in turn contact the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. They ring up a liberal snowflake lawyer, and the court challenges begin. They lose, and it goes to a provincial appellate court. There, they win. Another court challenge–back and forth until the case reaches the Supreme Court of Canada

This is true, real  post-modern Canada of Justin Trudeau. The set-up was created by father Pierre Trudeau. This is the way special interest groups(LGBT) and privileged religious communities get things done within our  so-called “multicultural” society. Judges are empowered, lawyers make money, and the liberal left rule the roost.

Now, flip to the b-side. An act of prejudice occurs against a Christian Canadian. Yes, it has occurred many times under King Trudeau’s reign. The Minister turns to M103, the religious rights motion ostensibly to fight ALL forms of racism in Canada.

Does the poor fellow have a path to the courts? A direct line to an evangelical(equivalent Christian fundamentalist type), who them goes to his MP as it follows its way up to the highest levels of government–including the Prime Minister of Canada?

Even if the minister got to this level–which has never occurred previously–M103 only specifies a single religion–Islam. There is no equivalent terminology regarding “Christophobia” or “Hebrew-aphobia.” Hatred of Jews in Canada is equally as extreme as that towards Muslims. So why aren’t the Jews specified as well? Because the motion was created by fundamentalist Muslims seems to be the only reasonable explanation.

Advantage: Islam–all the way, for ever and a day. This is Justin Trudeau’s Canada– a pseudo-democratic nation skewed to the advantage of our most powerful Third World communities– Sikh, Chinese, Islamic– along with their liberal snowflake legal backers.

Disadvantage: How painful to write this yet again: Anglophones. Christians. Francophones. Old Stock Canadians– the usual suspects, indeed.

Please consider: what is described above is the real Canada. CAP would never say this if we didn’t believe it 100%. This is the Canada we DO NOT SEE. It is the full-on infrastructure and methodology of a pre-planned trans-fer of power from English/Anglophone Canada to Pierre & Justin’s Third World/Islamic Canada.

Certainly CAP can understand why Bill C-21 is controversial. We do not claim otherwise. What we do claim, however, is collusion among the PMO, Liberal Cabinet, Caucus and bureaucrats, and powerful non-profit organizations such as National Council Of Canadian Muslims.

In Justin’s Post-English Canada, it is not truth, fact or righteousness which rules our moral code. The power is in the hands of the most politically organized. After four years of Justin Trudeau, Islam has skyrocketed into the number one position.

Coincidence? Hardly! This is a pre-meditated power grab intended to deceive. The Christian religion is being covertly undermined, and replaced with Trudeau’s priority religion– Islam. Establishment media cover-up the entire affair. Fast-forward one generation, and Anglo-Christian Canada is fully decimated.

This is King Trudeau. It is commie Liberal advisor, Gerald Butts. Bill Morneau(will make a fortune, as will Justin). Ahmed Hussen, Omar Alghabra(half- Saudi fundamentalist).

It’s not as if CAP enjoy seeing people fired from their jobs. Still, these people have a choice. Take off the head-covering at work, and you are good-to-go. Good enough? NEVER. Insatiability is endemic to the globalist pity-party agenda.

Listen, Missy– you chose to move to Canada. Even if born here, you choose to wear a hijab. Is it unfair to say that an individual’s spiritual life is an internal personal experience? No one can change what you believe(although Justin and Gerald are desperately trying), so be confident and go forth.

In other words, try adapting to contemporary Canadian society, and its values. “Islamophobia!” they scream. This is outrageous, says the liberal-snowflake journalists from the Vancouver Sun.

“Never in a million years, bellows a burka-clad  lady.” CAP is shocked–you’re saying you will not adapt or alter your behaviour in any fashion, right?

Right. Why is this? Because fundamentalist desert religions never change, or adapt to a culture outside of their own. Then, Canadians are called upon to feel sorry for them. They are “victims” says MP of unknown origin, Maryam Monsef.

As it happens, citizens who support the ban are in no way limited to Quebec. In April, Léger Marketing carried out a country-wide online poll asking if voters would support the ban of religious symbols for teachers, police officers and judges in their province.

Outside Quebec, fully 40 per cent of Canadians approved of such a ban in their own province. Obviously, there is a significant segment of our populace who agree with the religious garb ban. CAP advocate for the ban to apply to all Canadian provinces and territories.

READ MORE: 40% Of Canadians OUTSIDE Quebec In Favour Of Ban On “Religious Symbols”

No religious symbols for teachers of any religion-Sikhs, Muslims, Jews, Christians. An equal playing-field, all-around. “Outrageous!” “Islamophobia” and the rest of the tedious “cry-wolf” calls go up. But just as this fable goes, the calls loose their lustre as repetition dulls the impact.

This is the true state-of-affairs for the Third World ethnocentrics who have been pushing around the Canadian majority ever since Pierre Trudeau forced multiculturalism down the collective throats of the people of Canada.





3 thoughts on “Two Muslim Teachers Fired In Quebec For Religious Head Scarf Issues”

  1. I am christian, and will not wear my cross anymore (mark my words, ONLY btw 8 to 5pm) if I apply to theses jobs.

    Could you please ask yourself (muslim lady crying) why you DID applied to thoses jobs at first knowing the result?

    To do more media crying ?? OF COURSE this is the only reason

    • Where did you learn English, the beloved language of my ancestors who settled this land? Please learn it and then use it properly when commenting about foreigners. You make us look bad.

  2. I agree all this religion from a country that hates us and our democracy , take Ramadan out of the schools and the prayer times, they don’t do this in their schools they wait and do it at home, and bring back the christian religion that built this country, and idiot should stop apologizing for the past mistakes we learned from them, and don’t repeat them, Islam did not grow this country thank god for that , I don’t dislike the ppl I hate their religion they call us names like infidel , they need to shut the hell up I’m sick of their whining about how we do things in Canada, go away if you don’t agree with this Country.


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