Truth On Trans: Incompetent Physicians, Ghastly Surgical Procedures

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The “inside scoop” is a phrase well-known within the annals of western media. How unfortunate the it is that its literal meaning has yet to be exposed regarding the grim and gruesome details of sex-change procedures in Canada.

As reported by Canadian independent media outlet True North News, one Canadian physician has opened the body politic to the ghastly details.

“In a recent address to colleagues, Dr. Alex Laungani of Canada’s Metropolitan Center Of Surgery said there are particular risks associated with male-to-female genital surgeries, known as vaginoplasties.”

What follows is what appears to be a first-time exposure of the particulars of transgender surgery as presented by media in Canada:

“The most-dreaded complication is to perforate the rectum while you are dissecting the vaginal cavity,” Dr. Laungani stated.

“You are essentially dissecting the cavity between the prostate and the rectum and there’s literally no space there.”

Cultural Action Party[est.2016] cannot refrain from juxtaposing these details with the absolute glee in which the Liberal government of Canada display regarding transgenderism in Canada.

See PM Justin Trudeau waltzing through crowds waving the transgender flag at myriad Pride Parades. It’s as if the man is blind to the details of sex-change transition, which in all likelihood, he is.

Such a superficial woke warrior this character is. When speaking of the issue at the time of “Transgender Awareness Week, our PM solidified his position on the topic:

“Transgender women are women.”

End of quote. Not a word of nuance comes forth from his specious brain. Narry an iota of warning, no reference to any form of “transgender regret,” a phenomenon which is in reality far more prominent than general society would believe.

In Britain, media narrative offer details eschewed in Canada:

“Lisa Littman, a doctor and researcher, recently surveyed ‘detransitioners’ — people who thought they were transgender then changed their minds. The majority, 55 per cent, felt that they did not receive an adequate evaluation from a doctor or mental health professional before starting transition.’ 

“Meanwhile, there is plenty — not least the risk of infertility and loss of sexual function — to suggest that so-called gender reassignment is very often a bad idea.”

Back in Canada, we witness examples of family dysfunction emanating from a child’s decision to change their sex:

“When she[the Canadian parent] arrived with Noah, he was quickly swept into the room with the doctor alone, she said. She was told it was Noah’s appointment, not hers.”

“After a conversation that lasted less than 10 minutes, Crystal said, the doctor was ready to prescribe him hormones. She confronted the doctor for not conducting any psychological assessments or screening of any kind.”

Fully advocated by Trudeau and his Liberal government. One MP in particular, Randy Boissionnault, has been tasked by boss-man with promoting the bejesus out of LGBT advancement in Canada. Efforts have taken on near-fanatical proportions.

“The doctor told her that while she could try to oppose the medical treatment, she might end up in court.”

Pure bliss, Mr. Trudeau? Can it be that, sadly enough, our prime minister has not a clue what he is doing, nor does he comprehend the intricacies and potential fall-out. After all, families are being torn apart by inner conflict regarding children’s decision to jump on the trans-bandwagon, mainly influenced by government-funded LGBT education in our public schools.

“Dr. Laungani described the necessity for patients to regularly dilate their newly-created canals using a vibrator-like device to prevent collapse—a process he likened to a “full-time job” for the first few months post-surgery.”

What do you know? Turns out government are today in the “collapsable vagina” business. Pretty cool, eh?

Not. CAP fantasize about a Canada in which the majority of citizens comprehend the nastiness that are transgender surgery procedures, and their familial fall-out.

They don’t, because leading journalists– many of them parents themselves– refuse to present both sides of the sex-change coin. That the hold-back relates to funding from the Liberals to legacy media exists as a distinct possibility.

“A gender surgeon should have a training and documented supervision and gender-affirming procedure, which means we’ve seen a growing number of programs throughout the world of gender affirmation probably with a lack of training,” said Dr. Laungani. the surgeons are not properly trained. Kinda reminds us of another promotional push by the Feds– immigration versus housing availability. Add to it a Covid “remedy” which spent 3 months in the research and development phase, when the recommended time period is 5-10 years.

“Dr. Laungani raised alarm over the increasing number of clinics catering to transgender patients, emphasizing a perceived lack of proper training among medical professionals.”

What it this, a modern incarnation of the Gold Rush in the mid-19th century? “There’s gold in them there hills,” was the refrain at the time. In 2023, it appears a post-modern form of gold rush exists, taking on the form of removal of sexual organs and their replacement with artificial materials and such.

“He also highlighted post-operative issues, including the reopening of surgical wounds in a significant percentage of cases and difficulties in achieving orgasm for many patients.”

After which CAP offer a corollary: not only have federal and provincial governments in Canada refused to follow the European model. Media in our country have held back these developments from exposure to 40 million Canadians. Guess they want what government want– just as it is in China.

‘Increasing Number Of European Nations Adopt A More Cautious Approach To Gender-Affirming Care Among Minors’

“Increasingly, European nations are adopting a more cautious approach to gender-affirming care among minors.”

“The updated guidelines[in Norway] would restrict the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and transition-related surgery to clinical research settings. Norway joins other European nations, such as Finland, Sweden and the U.K., in introducing limits on the provision of gender-affirming care to minors.”

A point worth consideration: even if Trudeau and the Liberals reluctantly follow suit one day, one has to ask why they pushed trans-for-children so hard for so long? Truly, there’s no way out of the rabbit hole in this instance.

A “no core identity” nightmare it is. But dollars-to-Tim-Horton’s donuts you won’t be hearing it from the CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail or Toronto Star.

The best interests of Canadian children? Forget about it– the government says “jump” and media ask “how high.” If they didn’t exist as financial slaves to the Liberals, likely it is they would be out-of-business by the time the 2024 Stanley Cup finals arrive.

This is what Trudeau’s “Sunny Ways” have brought to Canadian society, inclusive of China-like control of Canadian media.

What a sad state of affairs we have on our hands via Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada.

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  1. Have you noticed? They always use three word slogans: (1) “Gender Affirming Care.” (2) “Safe and Effective.” (3) “Follow the Science.” (1) Care?? Have they given that word a new meaning? It’s not caring at all; just another massive lie. (2) Not safe; not effective. More lies. (3) Follow the [New] Science; (follow the money.) “Follow” indeed; like sheep to the slaughter. Do what you’re told; don’t ask any questions. Trudeau cares for you; don’t you forget it.


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