Trudeau’s Woke Politics Facilitate The Erosion of English Canada

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It is with grim irony that a poorly understood social dynamic has come to encapsulate Canadian society under the auspices of the Liberal Government in Canada.

The concept of subterfuge has for centuries played a critical role in public perception of political parties, and their leaders. In 2023, our federal government are dedicating themselves to a program of societal transition.

It’s the reason why measures such as matching housing supply with immigration intake to Canada remain incongruous. More than a few media articles of late speak of an inability for young Canadians to purchase homes.

‘More Canadians Giving On Owning A Home, Say It’s Only For The Rich”

“The Ipsos Poll conducted exclusively for Global News further suggests two-thirds of Canadians have given up on ever owning a home. That number has also risen since the spring.”

“Instead of the dream of homeownership, it is turning into a nightmare for an entire generation of Canadians,” said Sean Simpson, Ipsos’ vice-president of public affairs.

Translation: PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have effectively mismanaged the immigration vs. housing dynamic to the degree that generational Canadians have lost hope in home affordability.

“Canada’s Birth Rate Has Dropped Off A Cliff (And It’s Likely Because Nobody Can Afford Housing)”

“The Canadian birth rate is continuing to drop to historical lows — a trend that is likely connected to the crushing price of housing for young people looking to start families.”

Statistics Canada confirmed last week that  351,679 babies  were born in 2022 — the lowest number of live births since 345,044 births were recorded in 2005.”

A succession of federal governments had 50-years to find ways to motivate Canadians to have more children. Other nations have done so, but not Canada. For example, government could have offered funding scale based on number of children. $300.00 per month for one child, $450.00 for two, etc.

Considering that government could see the population crisis coming decades in advance, why is it that the Feds neglected a potential solution to the birth-rate debacle?

CAP can only speculate on the answer: because government had other plans for population growth. That this would manifest as the largest per-capita immigration intake policy on the planet is not properly understood.

After which we pose a question never examined by mainstream media. Who does all this benefit, as opposed to who suffers? Media consumers know all about editorial opinions on this subject. Light-skinned citizens maintain a level of “white privilege,” while racialized populations are deemed by the press to be “sufferers.”

It’s ass-backward, to be certain. Try landing a government job as a white Canadian male, or at federally-funded CBC Corporation. You may get it, but only in spite of thousands of NGO and government-oriented organizations which now carry hiring quotas based on ethnic identity.

Looking at the situation from a “big picture” level references what CBC and corporate media are loathe to point toward Any Canadian worth their salt knows about the Quebecois nationalist movement, as well as related sanctity directed toward retention of French-Canadian culture.

Strict language laws. Provincial autonomy regarding immigration quotas. A provincial privilege it is. Imagine, for example, if the province of Alberta were to request a comparable policy. Branded as an act of “racism,” media would tear the concept apart tooth-and-nail.

We begin to shape a vision of our country antithetical to government, media, and academic presentation. If any specific community is under pressure from the powers that be, it’s our Anglophone-Canadian communities.

Not only in terms of pragmatic issue like home affordability, food prices, inflation and taxation. A silent corrolory exists in the form of the ideological.

At present, our country has the most Quebecois-centric federal government in history.  Justin Trudeau has worked hard to create this configuration. Presently, nine of out 39 Liberal Cabinet positions are held by male Anglophones. Vastly under-represented, media breath not a word regarding the structure.

When it comes to ethnic proportional representation- an issue the woke cult love to whine about– Sikh and Muslim Cabinet members are over-represented relative to community demographics.

Not a case of community privilege, eh? There’s so much more. PM Trudeau’s penchant for 3rd world community support is a sight to behold. Vaisakhi, Ramadan, Chinese New Year see our PM prancing among the paraders with abandon.

Did you know? Not once in eight years of hi-jacking Canadian society has Trudeau made verbal reference to Anglophone-Canadians. Nor has he even once mentioned the term “English Canada.”

In contrast to his endorsements of Ramadan, which by now must number in the millions. Based on this truism alone, it becomes obvious which form of Canadian our PM prefers, and which, at least in his mind, constitute “secondary” communities verging on the irrelevant.

It’s the Trudeau way, and it’s also the media way. Let’s face it– our PM and his woke globalist posse couldn’t give a flying fig about English Canada. Upon analysis, we come to understand what Mr. Trudeau meant when he blessed our nation with its “post-modern” status.

Early in the globalist game, Trudeau & Team were already at it. Marginalization of Canada’s “Anglosphere” was placed on political steroids the moment that the PM began what Cultural Action Party refer to as his “apology festival” after gaining office.

Sikhs, Muslims, Gays, Transgendered, Jews, Blacks, Aboriginal. One after the other, PM Trudeau began to apologize for “historical wrongs.” All the while, media refrained from pointing to a vital subtext: the common foe amongst all the grovelling is the tacit idea that Anglophones are racist, and Christians are bigots.

Peddling the “multicultural misery” ticket resulted in a re-imagining of contemporary Canada– the idea that fundamentally, at the heart of Canadian society, “systemic’ racism is a product of the Anglosphere.

Justin Trudeau is Quebecois. Therefore, he intentionally removes Quebec from culpability. The targets, as mentioned, are comprised of Canada’s “minority” communities.

What remains? In terms of ethnicity, the outlier is Anglophone Canada. Who else could be responsible for the misery of multicultural masses?  The message may be covert, but the intention is tangible.

How obvious does it have to be? The only community in which it is acceptable to advance hatred toward in Trudeau’s Canada are white Canadians. All the rest are exempt.

Example: When Christian-Canadians attempted to stand up to sacrosanct LGBT industry advancement, government and media promptly branded them hateful bigots.

When Muslim-Canadians Mahmoud Mourra, Kamel El-Cheikh and Bahira Abdulsalam organized a 1 Million Person March opposing LGBT indoctrination in our public schools, media refrained from condemnation based on religious identity.

A clear and blatant example of community privilege it is. Just don’t tell this to John Ivison, Terry Glavin, Chris Selley, Susan Delacourt or John Ibbitson.

These folks are a few of Canada’s top journalists. All derive from Old Stock communities. All have nothing to say regarding “white plight” within Canadians society. Why would that be? Could it be that they have been instructed never to delve into the social dynamics of which we speak?

Breaking all this to a cogent conclusion is a bit dicey. Generalizations are something the Liberals and media use to pave a one-way street of community favouritism.

An inversion of reality? Tell us, warriors of the woke persuasion– what benefit for generational Canadian-born citizens has resulted from 50-years of multiculturalism as originally conceived by ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau?

Home affordability? Financial security? Low household and personal debt? On a community level, what good has immigration policy done for the millions of Canadians who derive from Anglo-European communities? They are having fewer children than ever, because they cannot afford more children.

In contradistinction, let us consider foreign aid policy. According to Global Affairs Canada, the Liberals ship out between $7-8 billion dollars to Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Syria, Jordan, Nigeria, Sudan and dozens more ‘developing nations” every year.

Benefit to the Canadian-born? Nothing. What the heck is this Trudeau character up to, anyway? Seems all benefit from his “leadership” is directed toward everyone else in the world except  home-grown Canadian citizens.

Within one generation from now, based on immigration policy, whites will transition to a minority community. The privilege of the millennium, is it? Not quite. What it really means is that, without coming out and saying so, government are in the process of eroding English Canada, and its Anglophone communities.

Media say nothing, because they are being paid to say nothing.

3 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Woke Politics Facilitate The Erosion of English Canada”

  1. “According to Global Affairs Canada, the Liberals ship out between $7-8 billion dollars to Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Syria, Jordan, Nigeria, Sudan and dozens more ‘developing nations” every year.

    Benefit to the Canadian-born? Nothing. What the heck is this Trudeau character up to, anyway? Seems all benefit from his “leadership” is directed toward [almost] every [Muslim country] in the world except home-grown Canadian citizens.”

    Media say nothing, because they are [inherently woke, and] being paid to say nothing.”(CAP).

  2. What is described in this article is an anti-English/wh*te gen*cide, a bloodless version of the Uighur genocide perpetrated by the Turd’s idols the communist Chinese.

    Again this is a logical product of the hatred of the English taught by the corrupt Catholic church in Quebec from ~1759 until the early 1960s. This teaching was continued by the provincial government.

    Word of this criminal agenda must be somehow got to conservative Republicans in the USA; e. g., Lauren Boebert who said in the wake of the imposition of the Emergencies Act that “Canada needs to be liberated,” ASAP.


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