Trudeau’s “Winning” Formula: Maximize Immigration, Maximize Assisted Dying

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Social engineering is a term which has been used to mean top-down efforts to influence particular social behaviors on a large scale—most often undertaken by government, but also carried out by media, academia or private groups—in order to produce desired characteristics in a target population.”

A fitting segue it is. Cultural Action Party[est.2016] has on many occasions referenced what we consider to be the fulcrum of calculated woke liberal assault on Canadian society.

Government, media, academia. Over the past half-century, the three institutions have amalgamated in an effort to transition Canada away from its traditional socio-political structure, prodding our nation toward what is being increasingly understood as an authoritarian society.

We pick up on what mainstream media has never alluded to. A brief look at socialist revolutions of history reveal an ominous commonality. To varying degrees, all maintained an element of calculated social engineering.

“In the 1920s, the government of the Soviet Union embarked on a campaign to fundamentally alter the behavior and ideals of Soviet citizens, to replace the old social frameworks of the Russian Empire with a new Soviet culture, and to develop the New Soviet man. Commissars became agents of social engineering.”

“In an astonishing statement to the New York Times in 2015, Justin Trudeau declared, there is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada. That makes us the first post-national state.”

The first. As in a prototype, post-modern in conception. Not unlike a form of socialist revolution it is, not that establishment media will confess to its reality. Yet, from this embryonic proclamation, insightful Canadians can pick up on the PM’s allusions, while most stress out over a roof over their heads and food on the table.

Demographic engineering is deliberate effort to shift the ethnic balance of a nation or geographic area.

“Demographic engineering ranges from falsification of census results, redrawing borders, to change in birth rates of certain population groups, targeting disfavored groups with voluntary or coerced emigration, and population transfer and resettlement with members of the favoured group.”

Enter, stage leftist, the Communist revolution of China in the 1960’s. Chairman Mao Tse Tung was well into demographic manipulation, as witnessed in a flushing out of government’s “unwanted.”

“Can you name the greatest mass murderer of the 20th century? No, it wasn’t Hitler or Stalin. It was Mao Zedong. According to the authoritative ‘Black Book of Communism,’ an estimated 65 million Chinese died as a result of Mao’s repeated, merciless attempts to create a new socialist China.

At present, Canada maintains the highest per-capita immigration intake policy on the planet. Calculated or otherwise, a social engineering component is intrinsic to the process.

Upon which CAP consider the topic of Euthanasia in Canada:

‘Medically Assisted Suicide For Anorexia, Drug Addiction, Homelessness?’

“We’ve offered medical assistance in dying to veterans struggling with PTSD. We will soon offer MAID to those suffering from mental illness, which will include drug addiction.”

In the beginning, the assisted dying agenda targeted the physically ill. Next, it was expanded to include the mentally ill. Now, it appears government MAID policy will expand it again, this time to drug addicts.

Notice anything “progressive” in between-the-lines of Justin Trudeau’s systemic policy for assisted suicide? We stand witness as the expansion of parameters plays out in incremental fashion.

Can this be the case? At the same time that the Liberals import 3rd world migrants in unprecedented numbers, government also has a policy of “minimizing the unwanted.”

Media say nothing. CBC remain mum. Globe & Mail rant about climate change, while Toronto Star scream “Islamophobia.” Lost among the woke rhetorical messaging is a point no one in Canada– public figure or otherwise– dares to suggest.

Euthanasia sounds like an excuse to rid society of its unwanted. Seeing as media won’t go there, they are exempt from reporting on one critical element of the agenda.

Who are the so-called “unwanted?” One thing is for sure, they’re not 3rd World migrants. A government doesn’t bring in 500,000 new arrivals per year, only to open the doors to assisted dying for family and friends.

No– this piece of demography is found in Canada’s “Old Stock” community. Anglophones, Francophones, in addition to our First Nations peoples. Rates of alcoholism and drug addiction are far more prominent in these communities than, say, Hindu or Chinese immigrants.

Check off poverty in general. A rapidly aging Canadian-born population suggest that illnesses like dementia and Parkinson’s are far more prominent within these communities than, for example Sikhs and Muslims, whose median age is well below that of white Canadians.

Media breath not a word about these “social trends.” Our cynical side says they are being paid by the Liberals not to divulge or indulge in such “trivialities.”

Social Engineering, Post-Modern Style?

“Combined with the stories of people looking for assistance in dying due to homelessness or poor living conditions, it’s time to ask if there is any line in the sand when it comes to euthanasia and the government in Canada?” asks journalist Brian Lilly in a recent Toronto Sun article.

What say you, fellow patriots? Most can guess what CAP believe– that the answer is no. Is it possible to separate out immigration policy from the concept of social and/or demographic engineering?

Trudeau and the Liberals are importing close to one million non-Canadians per year(500,000 plus foreign workers, foreign students and independent provincial policies) in a country with a 40 million person population.

How can this not be considered social engineering? Impossible, say CAP. “No comment,” say CBC, CTV, National Post and the rest of our media mongers.

A fact is a fact is a fact? Not in Justin Trudeau’s Canada, where government and media deception has transitioned to a standard of society.

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  1. maybe if you did some actual research, no one cares about trudeau i’m not defending him. but leaders of countries aren’t leaders, they are actors, and other people are in charge.

    when it comes to a lot of his policies and immigration, it comes from

    maybe you should start telling your friends who read this blog that we should ban foreign NGOs (this means non governmental organization) from deciding our canadian policies.

    then maybe you’ll be able to start an actual movement.

  2. According to anonymous sources with major roles at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), McKinsey is reported to have a particularly large and growing influence over Canadian immigration policy.[208][209] Policy is reported to have been decided on without input from public servants, and with minimal consideration for the public interest.[209] Canada’s immigration targets have closely followed goals set in a plan by previous McKinsey head Dominic Barton, who outlined these plans in his 2016 report of the Advisory Council on Economic Growth and through his work with the Century Initiative.[208] Both the report and the Century Initiative advocate for a steep increase in immigration to bring Canada’s population to 100 million by 2100.[209] According to one of the IRCC whistleblowers, the department was informed that Barton’s report was a “foundational plan” in spite of reservations expressed by the then-immigration minister, John McCallum.[208]

    • In fact; Trudeau is using English Canada as a scapegoat–and every person who disagrees w/ him. By definition; a scapegoat is innocent. Once a year; the sins of the people were symbolically placed upon the animal’s head. He was then left to wander in the wilderness. The satanic High Priest Trudeau projects his “sins” onto us, and we are surely heading for the “wilderness.” If his sins could be weighed; the goat would collapse under the burden. BTW–Thank you for the Century Initiative link. Quite interesting. No surprise that the unctuous “Free Trade”/GST weasel Brian Baloney is part of their scheme.


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