Trudeau’s U.N. Security Council Seat Unlikely Despite Gifts, Millions Spent

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The vote to send a new country to the Security Council table at the United Nations is creeping up, and so is Canada’s SPENDING TO SECURE A SEAT around that table.

According to CBC News, Canada has been campaigning for one of the rotating slots on the UN Security Council for three years. There’s one year left until that 2021 spot is decided, and the spending isn’t slowing down. 

Documents obtained by CBC News under Access to Information law show the government has ramped up spending as the clock ticks down. Since 2016, $1.5 million has been spent on the campaign — $1 million in the last 10 months alone.

The papers released include inquiries to the ministry from MPs about GIFTS to foreign dignitaries during Canada’s pursuit of the Security Council seat. The replies revealed that there is no set budget for these gifts. Precise details on who received gifts were not provided due to privacy reasons, but the presents included everything from key chains to wild Sockeye smoked salmon.

Canadian officials have made dozens of trips for this campaign, and at least $1 million in additional money was spent in the 2016-2017 fiscal year on salaries for 11 government employees in Ottawa and New York dedicated to the bid full-time.

According to CNN, the bidding for a  UN Security Council seat for 2021-2022 to  “restore Canada as a leader in the world” — appears ALL BUT DEAD after front-runners Ireland and Norway pulled ahead.

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Why is Canada’s bid for a U.N. Council seat so important to our nation? The answer is simple– it isn’t important to us–it is important to Justin Trudeau. In fact, one can argue it is Trudeau’s entire reason for running for prime minister in the first place.

After all, Trudeau has spent his tenure posturing and preening in his personal goal to become an international ambassador for the promotion of Sikhism, Islam, Homosexuals and the Transgendered. Mass global abortion is another top priority.

CAP opinion: Justin Trudeau has taken the traditional role of a prime minister and twisted it into a job description of his own making. The role is now that of  global ambassador for Third World Nations, Homosexuals, and the Transgendered.

For this purpose, Mr. Trudeau ignores all related TRANSGRESSIONS.  Be it Sharia Law, Child Marriage, Transgenderism for Children, and other nefarious goings-on with his  chosen priority communities, Mr. Trudeau turns his feminist blind eye to it all.

Who asked him to re-invent the role of prime minister?  No one. What mandate exists which approved this post-modern prime ministerial job description. There is none. What degree of buy-in did Justin receive from Canadian voter and tax-payers. NOTHING AT ALL.

This is the Trudeau family. Consider his father, Pierre Trudeau. What was the degree of public input regarding the cancellation of our bi-cultural English & French- Canadian identity? ZERO. Based upon what mandate or public buy-in did Pierre introduce multiculturalism to Canada.? Once again, there was nothing.

Getting the picture here? Our nation has been turned inside-out based on the decision making of two individuals— both are Trudeaus, both have been prime ministers, and neither gave a damn about average Canadians–particularly if they are Anglophone and/or Christian.

Rather, the bright lights of the international stage are priority for Justin Trudeau. His fame, his money, his ego are the primary drivers. Not our economy, and certainly not any person who falls outside of Liberal la-la land feminist globalist bubble Justin resides in.

Now, after nearly four years of Justin Trudeau chasing of the tail of the United Nations, Canadians are informed  chances of success are slim. The money and energy will have been wasted. BILLIONS sent to Third World and African governments in “aid” will be rendered ineffective in the pursuit of the U.N. Council Security seat.

Another superficial, OPTICS-RELATED Trudeau endeavour, another waste of tax-payer dollars. As a politician, this seems to be Justin Trudeau’s finest skill.





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  1. We don’t want a seat on the muslim brotherhood UN. We don’t even want to be in the UN. Scheer needs to pull out of it and take our money with us. After trudeau put us in the red, we can’t afford a single handout, to anyone, until we are fiscally solvent again.


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